Friday, September 25, 2009

A rainy Fall.

One of my favorite things to do with the kids lately is to tell or read them stories. They are finally to the point where they pay attention and enjoy hearing what we're talking about. Nora asks questions and then repeats much of the story later. It's an exciting age and time for their learning!

Lately we have been stuck on the story of Noah and the big boat. I love explaining to them how, because of Noah's love and trust in God, he and his family survived a terrible rain storm. And because Noah didn't care what people were saying about him or thinking about him, he saved all the animals we see around us today. Nora's eyes get big every time and I know her little mind can't comprehend it all. In fact, my little mind cannot comprehend it all. But it's a beautiful account of how God speaks, follow with an action and then restores and blesses a life.

It has been raining here for a few days now. It exhausts me to be in the house and to see the dreary day outside. It is supposed to be fall, after all. Crisp, cool, breezy, happy fall. And yet it is raining. Foggy. Humid. Rainy.
Nora says to me, "tell me the story of Noah, mommy."
And I do.

Last week was a beautiful tease of the fall that lies ahead! We wore hoodies, attended the homecoming parade and game, took walks and just enjoyed the last few days we may have before bundling head to toe in snow gear. I adore these days.

Our redheads in school colors! This picture is P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.

At the parade, the kids anxiously waited to see the firetrucks........and this is basically what Braden's face looked like the entire parade.

So you see.
A rainy fall, or not, we are enjoying one another. We are enjoying the sanctity of our family and
the beauty of the changing seasons. If we allow Him to, God can use this time as a planting, strengthening, and nurturing shift in our lives. I feel the urgency to go deeper with Him and pray that in a way, we all would.

I'm tired of the rain. I'm tired of the darkness.
But I will use these days to teach my children and plant within them a knowledge that they will bury within them forever. Rainy days are fruitful times.
They will produce! They will produce!

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God is good, isn't he? Without Him we are nothing. BTW, =D I love the rain. It is better then this heat I have been experiencing here in California. Yuck.