Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Junk Food?!

To new readers: Welcome!
Please disregard the following post and proceed to older posts for your enjoyment! So glad you joined us! This is a place to glorify God and lift Him up; talk about my marriage, children and the life that I love! I pray that you are blessed in visiting and reading!

Thanks so much to the anonymous commenter who decided to tell me what my kids eat and do not eat on a daily basis. Unless you know us, which you must because you clearly know our meals down to the detail (sarcasm) I suggest you re-evaluate when and when not to give suggestions on raising MY children.

For the information of my readers, my children DO get sweets. Daily. I am not going to withhold snacks from them, or as this lovely commenter puts it, "junk" from them just because they are small. They are 3 and 2. Everyone likes a cookie now and then and if Braden wants doughnuts for breakfast, chances are he will not know any harm because of it. He's eating and growing. Oh and they're healthy. No shots and all. Imagine that.

Another thing since it's so early the morning and I feel like I already need to defend my choices on MY OWN BLOG. Which I dont. But I will for the sake of other mothers who are having a hard time getting their stubborn and strong willed 3 year old to eat perfectly healthy food for lunch and get told that they are feeding them nothing but junk and that they will have an eating disorder because of it.

To that I want to say this.
Do not EVER come to my family's blog and claim any kind of disorder over the lives my children. No one said one thing about forcing Nora to eat. I simply made her try. one bite. And it's my business how I want to deal with my child. The Lord's hand is upon my children and Nora will never have any kind of eating disorder or mental struggle because of the prayers that her father and I have said over her since she was in my womb; protected and nourished by me just as she is today.

Who are you mystery commenter? Thinking that we get McDonalds "alot of this"?
We get McDonalds when we want to. And will continue to. How do you know that when I go to McDonalds I am not simply ordering for myself? Nevertheless, my kids can have chicken nuggets and apples and fries as much as they want if they are eating. And Growing. Get the point? Growing. Growing. Growing. And they are. Nora being underweight is consistent to the size on the chart she has always been. She is consistently growing, just consistently small. If you know my sister or I (which you obviously think you do) then you would see we arent very big women either. I assume she'll have some of our little genes. And that's not such a bad thing;)

And while I'm still defending my own parenting, that I happen to be pretty proud of...once again, if you arent with us every day, eating in our home or interacting with my children-how do you support your claims on what we do or do not eat. If you knew me, you'd know how much time I put into making healthy meals for my children every night. We eat at home, around our dinner table every night that we can. After we pray over our meal, we eat as a family. In our home. Statistically I'm sure that my children eat out far less than most other children do and I'm extremely proud of that.

I would love if you'd email me or identify yourself in a comment rather than growing a bunch of courage to talk to me without me knowing who you are or your opinions of me or my parenting. I love having this be a public blog. I will never close or monitor comments. However, I cannot stand when someone is so cowardly to leave a comment and then never confront me in some other form.

It's funny how I simply asked for advice on how to get my 3 year old who is going through a phase where she is protesting to eat and I get another reader who tells me how terribly I'm feeding my kids. I don't need your opinions but love your input and advice.

For those of you who are just now reading that we do not immunize our children, lay off for today. We can talk about it, post about it, debate about it another day. Again-the choices of one family need to remain inside that family. The judgements of other people should not even be up for discussion inside the home of a family who is firm in their ways of parenting and beliefs on certain issues. It's offensive and quite uneducated to do so. Do not offend my intelligence by making it seem as if I do not know how to feed my children the right way or make the choices you might make for your own kids. I have done enough research and spent enough time dirtying my knees in prayer for my kids to know that they are going to be perfectly fine; junk food and all.
Also I believe it is just plain tacky to interfere or comment EVER; online or not, on some one's parenting unless they are hanging their child by their toenails and beating them. Unless something I write is verging on child abuse, it shouldnt be open for your criticism. Plain and simple.

I post about the things my kids and eat and how they eat mostly because it's funny. They have quirks. Braden likes to carry a bag of doughnuts around at breakfast time and I think it's cute. I dont want to forget it when he's grown. Neither of my children are even bordering on childhood obesity. If they were, we could have this talk.
Again, my family's blog. My choice what to write about. Shouldnt be up for discussion. Sorry I asked for advice in the first place.

As health conscience as I am, I cannot believe that I am even writing about junk food on my blog. As if I'm going to let them grow up eating nothing but sweets and junk. Hardly.

I must go now-Nora just woke up and I should get her a plate of chocolate cake with a big glass of kool-aide for breakfast. Have a good day all.


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I could not believe that person's comment either!! I thought it was very rude! They obviously do NOT now what they're talking about. I think you have a very healthy family and I know you're not feeding your kids just "junk". I hope my comment didn't offend you. I was just trying to give advice like you asked. I don't think it's a big deal that your kids are vaccinated. It's a choice you made and I'm sure you didn't make it uninformed.

rameelin said...

Totally not offended, Anjie. I love a good discussion; even a good debate. However, being TOLD on my own blog that I feed my kids too much junk is ridiculous. Obviously I'm not going to go to someone else's blog who maybe only feeds their children organic food and give them my opinion on that. I'm not going to judge Shea or leave a comment on HER blog concerning my opinion on sweets. A person's blog should be their safe place. A place to write about and talk about the way that they think, the choices they make, and the way they do things. It's just not someone's place to have such an aggressive opinion on what someone is or is not feeding their children. There are much more vital issues to be discussing, especially given that my children ARE healthy, growing, thriving and happy. To challenge what goes on in a family, inside of a home is just tacky.
I asked for tips on how to deal with Nora's eating, hoping to get feedback like you gave me! Tips we could try, hearing what other's do in our situation.
It seems like because I am a young mom I'm always being watched; others always have their opinions. But I am a very educated woman and don't need someone telling me that what I'm doing is going to harm my kids in the future (by sitting with Nora until she tries a bite of her food...probably a bit extreme I think.) Anyway, thanks for writing. I enjoy hearing what other mom's are doing, what's working in your homes, etc. That is so much of the reason that I keep this place open and public. I want the interaction between us! So thanks!!!

Natalie said...

Whoa Ramee! Sorry someone was rude & commented like that. Every child goes through eating stages. Rachel went a couple of days refusing everything but cookies. Obviously, I didn't want her to starve so cookies it was. We frequent McDonald's about once a week & have never seen your family there! HA! So it wasn't me :)

Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I'm glad I didn't offend you Ramee. I think you're doing an excellent job no matter if you're a young mom or not. I enjoy reading your blog thoroughly. I hope Nora gets over this phase soon.

abbyhammer said...

good for you Rame.
i think that whoever posted that comment needs to be dropkicked.
i spend alot of time with you and the kids (you know that, but thats just for other peoples info) and NOTHING that i have seen is anywhere NEAR hazardous to their health. (well, maybe the poop but that poop disasters are handled VERY well and in a timely fashion.)
both Nora and Braden are beautiful, gorgeous, smart, and HEALTHY kids.
you are an amazing mother. AMAZING. and daniel is an awesome father as well. this idiotic piece of crap coward needs to at least have the testes to say who they are.
it makes me so livid to know that someone is talking crap like that! this person is probably just some piece of trash, good for nothing worthless slob with kids that also are going to amount to nothing.
they're JEALOUS.
they want the amazing life that you and daniel have prayed and worked so hard to get.
this person needs to get a life.
worry about their own before they try to intervene where it's not their place.

love you!
see you in a while!

rameelin said...

Thanks guys. I definately dont need for anyone to tell me I'm a good mom. I've prayed enough for myself and over my children to know that I'm absolutely doing the best that I can. Everyday I feel the Lord's direction and whether or not they are eating doughnuts is the least of my worries...and should be everyone else's as well. Love you guys!

Sarah said...

wow, Ramee, im so sorry you even had to deal with this. we are not the best of friends, but i do read you blog enough to know that you DO feed your kids healthy foods. how could a mother & father be so healthy themselves and go on walks like you do to only feed their children "junk"?! my girls are also on the small side (always have been) and you better believe i let them have McDonalds and cookies whenever i see fit. :)

i also think it shouldn't be allowed to comment under annonymous!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ramee!! Don't worry about that stuff!! You and I both know you are a great mom!! I didn't even read the comment. I saw you commented on my blog about someone criticizing my parenting and didn't know you were going thru the same thing! haha Oh well we know our kids are safe and loved and that is all that matters! At least the person that did it to me says it within earshot of me. So I know who is doing it and if we took a survey I bet she is last in line for mother of the year! So I take comfort as should you in the fact that our kids are happy and healthy and loved. AJ hasn't ate really anything all weekend then yesterday morning drank a glass of milk, a cereal bar, cheese nips and cheetos. haha This comment is turning into a blog so I will sign off!

Kalli said...

People are always obsessed with their opinions and pushing them on others, and that will never change. I imagine with an open blog you are going to run into a lot of people who will try to tell you what to do without even knowing you. I get that a lot out in public since I'm a young mom and I couldn't possibly know what is good for my children. I get the stink eye more often than I'd like to admit...people are just so quick to judgement without knowing a thing.

To be honest, most days I read your blog and feel like I am lacking in different tasks and the way I go about them differently than you....because you are such a GREAT mother. Chances are, this person has never met you, or if they have they are merely someone who dislikes you for some petty reason and know the quickest way to offend you is to say something about the kids and the way you raise them because that is where it would hit you hardest-because you put so much into raising them well. Don't let them bring you down because they will relish in every moment of it..

I also let my kids have "junk" and I also insist that they eat a certain amount of their food before leaving the table. That's called parenting. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Hope you have a better rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the person's comment but sorry you are dealing with this! :-)
I did want to offer a suggestion didn't know if you have already tried it but I've worked in daycares and such and have heard that if the child doesn't want to eat to try and make food fun by being creative and making it into silly faces and such! Not sure if you have already tried that or even want too! Anyways~ Have a blessed day and hope to hear from you sooN! God bless!
~Brandy F.~

Unknown said...

People are crazy! That's the internet for you :(