Saturday, October 3, 2009

Abby's Baby Shower...

The time is quickly approaching! Soon we will have a new baby in our lives. Her name will be Scarlet.
She's already beautiful. She's already got so much of my heart. I adore her mommy and I love love love this baby girl! I cannot wait to hold her, smell her, kiss her and pray over her. She has already changed our lives and blessed us greatly! I have seen Abby grow into such a wonderful, strong, brave young woman and I know she will be a great mom. It was awesome to watch her be so blessed by other's who love her at her shower today. We played games, wrote letters, ate good food, laughed alot, and Abby got tons of wonderful gifts! Scarlet will not be without the cutest clothes I can tell you that! It's an exciting time in Abby's life and we are so thankful to be a part of it all! Even Daniel said "I'm getting so excited now!" when I got home today.

It was a beautiful shower that had 'Abby' written all over it. The theme was, "You're a rockstar, Baby!" It was perfect.

We love you, Abby Lynn. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and cannot wait to join with you in this journey of being a mom. I am proud of you and thankful for the plan that God is laying out for you. Thanks for trusting me, turning to me and allowing me to give you the coolest baby shower ever! ♥
Here are the pics. Enjoy!

The gift table 'before'--
Abby's sister's and I spent our Friday night making these AWESOME cupcakes. Yum!
The perfect Cake!
"Sorry boys, I only date RockStars"


Our girl. Growing.

Me & Ab

The gift table 'after'
Abby opening gifts with her sister's.
This blanky has Scarlet's name on it! So cute!
...and a drum. Abby's thrilled, of course!

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Sarah said...

SO SO SO sorry i couldn't make it. i really wanted to be there. my mom is still in the hospital getting over viral meningitis. :( the pictures looked great and i am sure everyone had a great time!!