Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Changes abound!

Hi friends!
If you have visited my blog and read it for even 2 seconds then you know things are constantly changing and evolving in this home. I paint, I move, I decorate.
I have ADD. haha.
No, but really I get bored with the same old thing. So for your viewing pleasure, here are some of my latest and greatest changes in and around our house!--

My new favorite decoration--
I have wanted this sign for months and months. It now hangs above the hallway where our bedrooms are.
Remember this photo from last week of our newly moved bedroom??
Now our room looks like this!
Do you like?? We do!
See this long, large shelf? I spray painted it 2 days ago. I adore it.
We left one wall the original color. Why you ask? We ran out of paint for one thing and we didnt want to move the dresser out again right away. It's sooo heavy! It looks ok though, so I dont mind.
I realized that I haven't shown you all the pictures of our newly renovated downstairs bathroom, but here it is from every angle...

See those wall hangings? Remember when I won them awhile back? They look gorgeous in our newly brown and purple bathroom!

I ♥ this sign with my whole heart.
2 or 3 weeks ago we took the kids to get cowboy photos taken by my longest friend, Lindsay. My mom has a cowboy themed room in her house and we wanted to give her the photos to hang! She loved them! These are pictures of the actual photos so excuse the quality.

What are you changing in your house during the changing of seasons??


Jackelyn said...

Love it Ramee!
I have the "Off to bed sleepy heads sign, too!" Except it's square

boltonlady said...

I looove your decorations in your house and all the colors..I wish I was able to be creative and crafty haha...most of my family is cept me...

Boltonlady said...

oops that last comment must of been and old blog...