Sunday, October 4, 2009

His name means "broad valley..."

True Definition of "Braden": Broad Valley.
My Definition of "Braden": Fussy. Quirky. Frustrated. Beautiful.
A broad valley of emotions and faces, indeed.

I am so thankful for this boy--my only son. As much as he makes me want to scream and cry (which happens to be alot) he makes me laugh, smile and giggle so much more. As much time as I have spent wondering why he is the way he is, I have spent that much time and more praying over his little life. Praying for a peace in his spirit and a calm in his voice. Praying the Lord would move and direct him according to His will and purpose. Praying that in Braden would be a world full of change; and that he would desire to see it come to pass. I pray that the Lord would make Himself known to this child. This little boy who IS a man of God. This little boy who is my son. My only son. Thank you Lord.

Just the other night while I was using the bathroom, Braden came in and pulled out the step stool. He then proceeded to sit it directly in front of me. He said, "Mommy, you peeing?" I said "Yes buddy and you dont have to sit right in front of me in order for me to do it..."
He said..."Good girl, mom. Good girl."

Today as my mom was leaving, after she gave Braden some new cars he turned around and looked at her and loudly said "God bless you!"

Today the kids decided they wanted their car seats in the very back of the van instead of the middle seats. We moved them. They were excited to be somewhere new. I opened the van door and said, "Hey buddy! Do you like your new seat?" He burrowed his eyebrows and simply said...
"Cool dude."

Last night we listened as Nora counted to 12. Braden repeated every single number.

Last week he learned that his name was Braden and he will now tell you when asked. He also knows that my name is Ramee and daddy is Daniel. He knows Nora by name but still chooses to call her sissy.

He's still biting. Alot.

He is as big (and sometimes as strong) as I am. I swear.

He still grunts alot in the place of words. When I say to him, "use your words buddy," he closes his eyes, jumbles a bunch of nonsense into words and then loudly proclaims, "Amen!"
Don't ask. We dont know.

Tomorrow Braden will be 2 years and one month old. He is still in 12-18 month pants. He may take after me in height. Poor boy.

Last night on the couch I kept saying, "I'll get you buddy. I'll get you buddy."
He then grabbed me and said, "Hurry Buddy! Get me buddy!" ♥

What a beautiful boy. What a delicate and precious job I have as his mommy. I am in awe of the wonder that he possess inside of his little being. He is precious to me and I am thankful for him every single day. He is my guy. My buddy.
My broad valley.

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Anonymous said...

Wow he sure is getting big. He looks just like Daniel in the second picture.