Thursday, October 22, 2009

On December 28th of this year, Daniel & I will officially celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. On that same date, we will have been together for 8 years. It is surreal.
Daniel proposed to me when we were 18 years old. We were still both in high school.
We were so young.
He bought me the most perfect diamond. It was little and fit my hand just right. As a woman, you know how special that moment is when the love of your life opens a small box and presents to you the ring that he picked out. It was significant to me because Daniel was young and still very immature, but he worked hard to make the payments on that ring. He worked hard to keep it a secret. He worked hard on his proposal speech.
He has always worked hard for me.

During the last 5 years that diamond rings has been sized 3 times. The band has literally been worn too thin and therefore had to be repaired because it was broken. My fingers got too swollen to wear that diamond during both of my pregnancies and when I did lose the weight, it felt funny wearing a ring again. It is a special reminder to me of all that we have endured as a couple.

Our marriage, just like that diamond ring, has been re sized a time or 2. It has been worn too thin more times than I can count. Our marriage has been repaired because it was broken. My heart got too swollen during both of my pregnancies to properly care for my husband and when it was time to turn the attention back on us after the babies were born, it felt funny doing so after neglecting it for so long.

That ring is so symbolic to me and therefore more special than any other earthly possession that I own. It was a gift to me from my husband. It is absolutely perfect.
And because of it's unique perfection, I have chosen to put it away. In a special box. In a special place. I want to tell the stories that are locked deep inside of that ring to my daughter when she is old enough to understand the depth and truth to which it holds.

This is my new wedding set.
Many people upgrade their diamonds rings on significant anniversary years because of the size of diamond, or the length of years. I simply wanted something a little more sturdy. A little stronger. A little bigger. I desire those things because after 5 years, a new ring symbolizes to me a new marriage. It is shiny, steady, untainted. It is unique and strong. Our marriage is all of those things. Our marriage is also a hope of those things to come. I want to wear a new ring; a new gift from my husband as a reminder that it is not the ring that makes a marriage. It is simply a universal symbol of something unending. A covenant. A commitment. I want to wear this new ring with pride. I want my children to see it and see that it ties me to their father in the strongest of ways. I want them to feel secure, strong, safe. And someday, I want to hand this new ring to my daughter and re enforce to her the meaning of these next 55 years. I want to whisper to her the tales that this new ring will have held by then. And when I'm gone someday, I want her to pull these rings; old and new, from the box they are in and hold them-knowing what they mean to me. Knowing what they mean for her.
Knowing what her father and I have is something unbreakable, untainted and new. Always.

In other news, we are busy in our home!!!
We are preparing for our first ever halloween party to be held at our house! It will be after trick-or-treating on Halloween night. There will be games (think bobbing for apples, guessing gooly food, etc), lots of spooky foods, a costume contest for kids and adults and a bonfire! I'm super excited and cannot wait to host this party. Although as you all know, it's hard work!
If any of you live close by and are interested in coming to our party, we'd love to have you! Email me for more info at as soon as possible!

Nora & Braden have had sore throats for the past couple of days and have been rather crabby. It's no fun.

We are having our friend's Jessy, Ryan and their new baby Sophia come to visit this weekend from Indiana! We are thrilled and excited, but still have to get a few things ready before their arrival. I cannot wait to get my hands on their little girl:)

Daniel is turning in yet another application for a Correction's position here in town. We are praying and seeking the wisdom of God for our future, and feel confident that we are heading in the right direction. As always, we covet your prayers for our family.
We had a fun night going out with our friends to the haunted house not long ago! I hated the haunted house, but loved the company and good food following the big event! We so enjoy fellowship with other christians. It strengthens us and proves how important it is to have Godly, adult conversation!
Oh, this one is just for good measure. Because I love him.

....And I dyed my hair again. PMS. Ya know.
Still letting it grow and although it is curled here so it looks rather short, it IS growing rapidly.
Love you guys. Now I gotta get to lunch making, clothes folding, Jesus worshipping, baby kissing and phone talking. Busy afternoon ahead....


Ashleigh said...

Your ring is so beautiful Ramee. Our little guy is due on Dec. 28th and Dec. 27th is mine and Kyle's 8th anniversary of being together! If we only knew 8 little years ago that we would be where we are now. It's amazing to think about!

Every year Kyle mentions upgrading my ring but it is still in great condition and fits fine so there is no need for me to replace it. Plus, there's something about this itty bitty diamond that a hard headed 18 year old boy gave to me on a cold day in December after spending his entire college college savings of $800 on it (that would get him about 1 class and 2 books these days, ha!) but since he was becoming a Marine he asked his grandma if could use the money that she had put aside for him to buy me a ring. It's not big, it's not flashy, it doesnt leave people gasping but it melts my heart every time I think about him giving it to me at TGI Fridays just a few days before he left for bootcamp. I will never forget that moment, ever!

Ok, sorry, I went off there sharing my story but I could really relate :)

Tiffany said...

What a gorgeous set! I loved your heart felt and transparent post about your rings and your marriage.
And I really love your new hair color!!

Natalie said...

The new set is gorgeous! I have often thought about an upgrade myself.

Devin said...

Just had to say how PRETTY the new ring is--so cool the symbolism behind the old one and the new one!

Congrats on 5 years...wishes for so many more!