Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post # 301

This post is number 301 on my blog! I have been blogging at this location for over 2 years! It's incredible! I have met unbelievable friends, reconnected with old friends and kept friends close to my heart who live far from us. It has been an incredible tool for expressing my beliefs, journaling my day to day struggles and releasing my gift from God to those who visit daily.

And speaking of those who visit daily...
thank you all!
You have no idea how wonderful it feels to know that you are keeping up with our family, praying for our children and rooting for us in every circumstance. I have the greatest friends and readers and I am beyond thankful that I have been able to grow deeper with you all in the last couple of years. I hope that in the years to come you will continue to give me your input, email me with new ideas and thoughts, and allow me to continue praying for you and your families when you are in need. I enjoy being a part of your lives more than you know and I so appreciate you!
Nora got a terrible cut on the corner of her lip the other night after falling and biting through it. Soon after I asked her how her lip was and she innocently replied,
"It's better now! Jesus is healing me!"
Braden then said with a huge smile and the sweetest voice I've ever heard...
"Jesus healing!"
Braden's new term of the week: "It was an accident."
Please keep Daniel in your prayers. He is overly worked, extremely tired and his body is beyond sore. He is a great provider and I am so blessed by his commitment to this family, however, I know that it is hard work to walk as much as he does in this terrible weather. He will appreciate your prayers more than you know!
We had a terrible experience on Friday night concerning the rain. I had terrible cramps and waiting all morning to take a hot bath when the babies went down for a nap. I went to start the water and realized it was freezing cold. After walking down to the basement I noticed it was flooded about 6 inches. It has been raining every day for 2 weeks except maybe one and the sump pump stopped working. My dad thankfully was able to rush over and put in a new pump, draining all of the water. There was no damage done to our hot water heater or furnace and we are so thankful! God is faithful in every circumstance. I eventually got my hot bath:)
We are anxiously awaiting our Halloween party this Saturday! I have a lot to get ready before we can enjoy it, but I think it will be a blast...
Abby is dilated to a 2 as of this afternoon. We may be seeing baby Scarlet sooner than later! I am ready...bring it on baby girl!!!
That's all for now. Have a good night and know that I love you all dearly!
Oh and keep emailing me. I enjoy hearing from you everyday!

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Tiffany said...

Oh wow - congratulations on 301! I am really liking blogger, but am sad to lose all of my years of blogging on xanga. I started transferring some of those old posts over, but then I thought it was cheesey - and time consuming!
Love the photos of your gorgeous redheads!! {grin}