Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sore throat

Hi all.
Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up sick, which rarely happens. My throat was so sore and raw that I almost couldn't believe how badly it was hurting. I was beyond exhausted and slept the entire afternoon while the kids slept. Er, Braden slept and Nora played in her room. I was in one of those hear-whats-going-on-around-you sleeps and even woke up every time (3) that she wanted something. Chocolate milk, a lost binky, more chocolate milk. I really wished for uninterrupted rest, but such is my life.

I often think that having 2 babies is much harder than having one. Remember, my redheads are exactly 13 months and 5 days apart. Almost Irish Twins. Braden is 2. Nora is 3. I believe both are very difficult ages. However, yesterday as I was sick I realized just how thankful I am that I have 2 of them so close in age. They played all day. They entertained one another. They barely fought. They ate together and rested together. The Lord gave me a break yesterday because of the way they were able to interact amongst themselves...

Although... as I was writing this I hear a wretched scream from the toy room.
Braden pinched Nora's cheek. Nora bit him. Hard.

So as you can see, it's back to business as usual around our place. Not much time for mommy to be sick. I felt a little sorry for myself yesterday. I feel like if I did only have one baby, it would be easier for someone to come and help me. It's easier to handle one child, take one child in a car, etc. I know I have the help if I ask for it. It's just much easier to keep them at home and do it myself.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better today. My throat is still extremely sore. But I defiantly feel rested and relieved. Please continue to pray for me as well as the babies, as we lift you and your families up also! We do not have to settle for this season of sickness. Let's stand in the gap for one another and believe for restoration and healing in bodies before we may even need it.
Jesus is a healing God!

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Sarah said...

Ramee, we are leaving tonight for San Diego. its a 30 hour drive, PLUS we have to stop for the kids. i was just wondering if you could pray for safe travel. i would really appreciate it. thanks! xoxo