Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunshine after the Rain~

Today is the first day in a week that the sun is shining. It has been a long week. Staying inside with 2 bored babies makes for a rough couple of days. It is cold outside. In fact it feels like we skipped autumn all together and moved right into winter. I look forward to cozy winter days with candles lit and footed pj's. However, I'm not quite sure I'm ready just yet. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my rainy babes.

And I've really just been lazy when it comes to pictures. We went to Jake's birthday party at the bowling alley last weekend and it was the kids' first experience playing the game! It was fun but they didnt stay interested long. They may have my attention span....
This is a moment that you would see regularly if you were in our home. Braden with his lips puckered up telling me NO and me (exhausted) trying to gently get him to obey. haha.
...and still very common is this face that my son is making...

Oh she's beautiful.
MeMe is pretty much the only one brother will snuggle with. hmmm
Another common moment. Braden shaking his body.
PooPaw and my Lady.

I will be making my re-post on birth control on Monday. I have decided not to write letters on the weekends unless I really feel the need to do so (in which case I would make sure to update you here!)

We are going to the haunted house and out to dinner with Danielle, her boyfriend Brendon and Katie & Adam. It should be a good night. What are your plans tonight or for this weekend? Enjoy yourself whatever they may be! Thinking of you always!!!

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MrsHenebry said...

Have a great weekend Ramee!!! We have a birthday party to go to tonight, and a banner making party tomorrow!!!! YAY!!! You know what that means!!!!! :)