Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baby #3

We found out Saturday.
For a couple of days I had been feeling really hungry, which is not like me. I realized I was eating a bowl of cereal at 10 o'clock at night, which if you know me just doesn't happen. I was also slightly more emotional than usual. I realized that these could have been normal PMS symptoms but because I am like a walking clock when it comes to my cycle I knew that I was now 4 days late. I wanted Daniel to buy me a test Friday night when he went out for medicine for the kids. He didn't. He doesn't realize the torture that one day can bring when you think you may be pregnant. He just kept saying, "if you're gonna start, you'll start. if you don't, then you won't."
So glad he's the man.

My sickness was not due to the pregnancy.
I know because my fever finally broke and I have been feeling my normal self since. Well, achy back, sore boobs, crying-over-commercials, nauseous-because-of-smells self.

According to my last period, I am right around 5 weeks. My due date is the day before Nora's birthday. I go to the Dr. next week.

We are thrilled!
It was exciting to know that God woke me a couple of weeks ago to tell me we would have a son. After arguing with Him, I remembered that we had surrendered our lives to Him and I was content with His will. Even though it was scary, it is overwhelming to think about how remarkable He is. To wake me and speak to me about the child He had probably just given to us. How much He loves us!

For as long as I said I wouldn't want another boy, my heart is now beating for one. Another one. (a redheaded one, but shhhh, don't tell the mailman).

We decided to make the kids T-shirts the day we found out. We also decided to wait and tell our families on my birthday because we'd all be together for cake. Daniel & I were just as nervous as the first time around. When we walked in and took off Nora's coat, my mom was sitting perfectly in line to read it. She read it aloud and then read the back (when Nora ran to play) and just kind of giggled. It didn't sink in. But then she looked at us and said, "you guys? you guys? you lied!" ( I had told her that I had started when she asked a few days prior.) Everyone is elated and I am so thankful that we have so much love and support. I am sincerely thankful that God gave me this family! A family that understands the depth of a new child and what a blessing he or she already is. How sacred this little life inside of me is and that it has a purpose so great we cannot even imagine. I am blessed with a family who will join me in the journey of praying over this baby in my womb until he or she arrives and everyday thereafter. What an honor. What a joy.

Nora & Braden are excited. They don't completely understand but when they put on their matching T-shirts, they said that they were a "team." Like they were jerseys or something. Nora says she wants a brother. "That will be so much fun, mom!" Braden says, "I'm the baby."
and he is. And he always will be.

I lost 4 pounds while I was sick so I am officially starting this pregnancy at 106. Let's see if I can not gain 55 or 62 pounds this time around;) It would be great to deliver weight 130 or less. Or maybe 140. But it doesn't matter. Again, if you know me at all, you know I love pregnant food most of all and I will enjoy every bit of it while I can.

So here we are...
on this journey again. This wondrous, powerful journey of nurturing and caring for a precious little being inside of my body. The Word of God is clear when it comes to having children.
We are here to multiply and fill this earth with children who will belong to the army of God. They are a heritage from Him. A covenant between Him and us. They are a confirmation to our lives. Children are to be trained in the ways of God. They are to be treasured, taught and loved in the Godliest way. We are determined to do those things. To love our God with all our heart, all our mind and all of our strength in order to raise up children who will do the same. That we will make them strong enough, smart enough and capable enough to not be part of a dying generation of people going to hell, rather a brood of Jesus-loving, Bible believing, seekers of God.

Thank you all for loving us.
Thanks for continuing this journey of raising babies with us. Although it is hard, we know that these are truly the best days of our lives. We cherish them and are humbled to be able to have yet another opportunity to parent a tiny blessing. Our lives are enriched! They are fulfilling and challenging, and wonderful and crazy. And we love every second of it.
So here we are...
5 years married. 2 babies and one on the way.
And crazy in love.
What a life.


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I am very happy for you Ramee and Daniel! Another baby is such a blessing and it will bring such joy to your family. Congratulations again my friend!

Ashleigh said...

Yep, cried through this entire entry! I could sit here and write 20 lines on what I'm thinking but "I am happy and excited for you guys and I love you" sums it up best.

Ashleigh said...
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Tonja81 said...

Congratulations, Ramee. You are truly blessed. I read your entries and almost cry with every single one. You have such an amazing way with words. And your relationship with God is incredible. I hope to one day have that with Him. By the way, I love that song by Addison Road, 'What Do I Know of Holy'! I listened to it on your blog the other day and it instantly touched me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! AJ said he was Mommy's baby until about 2 months ago ~ now he says the baby is in my belly and he is a big boy! Braden will be so excited when your new little one comes so don't worry. Especially when people tell you the youngest will be jealous they have told me that 3 hasn't happened. I have 3 weeks left and I can't wait.

brandy said...

What awesome news~! Congratulations!!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Wow Ramee...that are such great news. I am so happy for you too and i wish you some happy&healthy nine months!!!