Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sick boy & prayer requests

Tonight we have a sick boy. He has been running a fever for a few days but I was treating him with motrin and tylenol which is all the dr's would tell me to do anyway. Then, rather suddenly he woke up with a terrible, hoarse cough and raspy voice. He is grabbing at his throat and is incredibly fussy. I'm taking him to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon.
Prayers are always appreciated!

Our children are so incredibly healthy and for that we are blessed. There are others who are, however, in a time of spiritual battle concerning their children and health. I would love it if you would join with me in prayer concerning a few special kids who are especially close to my heart--children I pray for daily!

Camryn: She just underwent her 2nd bone marrow transplant and is in a slow remission from leukemia. She is currently in the hospital with a fever and her parents are waiting 24 more hours to hear about her blood work. Please pray for strength and grace during these passing hours.

Jonah: Those of you that know me, know how dearly this little guy is to my heart. He is currently have a hard time getting the nutrients he so desperately needs because he will not eat enough. His parents are facing some tough decisions. Please pray for wisdom and Godly guidance.

Scarlet & Bella: Abby & Felicia are new mommy's to winter babies. They could always use our prayers of health in their tiny bodies.

We love you all and will update you tomorrow about our little guy! ♥

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Tiffany said...

Ooh, I will be praying for your sweet little guy. Please update us when you get a chance! Your house is looking so festive! I just love Christmas. I cannot wait to see more!