Friday, November 20, 2009

Croupy Boy.

Braden's diagnosis so far.
We are home and he is finally resting. The Dr. took one good listen and decided to give him a steroid shot. I went with the aggressive approach and basically begged him to do so. My little guy cannot talk, cannot breathe and has the worst cough I have heard in a long time. His fever was low at the Dr's office and broke while I was sleeping with him awhile ago. I pray we have reached the absolute peak of this infection and it will begin to quickly taper from his little body!
The Dr. said that if he gets worse or is not drinking we will need to bring him back to be admitted. Otherwise we are going to call for a quick follow-up in the morning.
Until then, we covet your prayers over our little guy and his body. He's exhausted, and so am I.

However, as I was coming home today I couldn't help but cry for those other children whose lives are daily affected by sickness, disease and illness. And then I wept for their mother's. Please continue to lift them up as well. I cannot imagine the exhaustion, anxiety, worry, fear, and overwhelming strength it takes just to wake up and get through the day with a very sick child. We are incredibly blessed and we do not take it for granted. In fact, it is for that very reason that I will forever donate money to the children of St. Jude (a hospital I hold so close to my heart.) I will be making a post on that soon that will include info on how you can donate this holiday season, so be on the lookout!

In the meantime, I will sit in my (for once) quiet house and listen to my little guy try to sleep. As his breathing is deep and labored, I will pray that Lord will open his airway and give him rest. I will graciously thank the Father for health in the bodies of my children and I will rebuke the enemy and cancel any plans over them that he may have. They are not his--they belong to the Lord and the victory over their lives has already been claimed!
Here is the list of names to continue praying for:
Camryn, Jonah, Kate, Children at St. Jude's and for little guy, Braden.
Thank you all. We love you more than you know and appreciate your prayers and friendship. We are grateful that you stand by us and wrap us in your love.
If I have anything new to update on, I will be doing it here, so check back for any further info on Braden tonight and tomorrow!


Tiffany said...

I'll keeping praying. Thank you for the gentle reminder of how blessed we truly are with our healthy children.

Natalie said...

Rachel had a croup attack in August. It was horrible & scary. It's unlike anything I have ever heard & sounds incredibly painful. The Dr's also gave her a steroid shot & a couple of breathing treatments. Then she was good as new. Hope Braden gets over it soon.