Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For Your Info...

...I am one day away from being a certified Medical Transcriptionist! Wahoo!!!

...I am 7 days away from turning (eek) 25.

...I am missing Pilates more than ever and seeing my body change in negative ways.

...I have still not gained a pound, even after months of not working out!

...I have 3 Christmas trees up and lots more decorating to do.

...I was awakened from sleep one week ago today by the Lord telling me that we are going to have another son. He was specific even with the name he will be given. I stayed awake for a few minutes and argued, "Please God...not another boy..." but since then have felt remarkable peace. I know when it happens it will be the perfect will of God and it excites me.

...I am sick of rain. ready for snow.

...I enjoyed today with the kids so much!

...I (we) got new counter tops in the kitchen. Half of them are in and they look gorgeous!

...I am blessed beyond measure. Feeling healthy and happy and still have not cut my hair, despite every impulse to do so.

Just thought you should know;)


Tiffany said...

I have not been very present in the blogging world as of late. Real life has come tumbling in, and I am enjoying it! {grin} But oh how I do enjoy your blog! I am jealous that you already have trees up! My Scotty has severe allergies, so we have to wait on any kind of tree until just before Christmas. This is such a huge bummer to me, but I do love that boy!
I have taken two months off from running - BIG mistake! I really need to get motivated again. My body really misses it, and I HAVE gained weight. {bah} My mind misses it, too. I like the dscipline.
Another boy, huh? Oh the boys are so precious. Mine is so dear to my heart. I would not mind a houseful of them! Actually I would not mind a house full of any children - how I love to be a mommy.
25 huh? Phooey on you! I just turned 30 last week, and oh what a tragedy! Not really, God was gracious, and I am ready to embrace my {gag} thirties. Okay, maybe not quite ready to embrace them, but am getting more acclamated to the idea of them.
Take pics of your new countertops. And I am sooooo excited for snow and ready. Many of my fellow upstate New Yorkers would be aghast at my bold statement. But it is true, I love snow. I love being snowed in, snuggled with my family in our home- with no place to go. Ahhhhh.

And I WILL email you back one of these days!

Tiffany said...

Oh, a BIG congratulations on your certification!! Will you work from home?