Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pictures as promised!

This has been a crazy couple of days. I know that Halloween photos have been delayed so I don't want to make you wait anymore!! We had so much fun trick-or-treating and had a great turnout for our party! It was alot of work, it was cold...but it was perfect!
Our "Witch's Brew" punch
Goody bags..
Food table...

Me the bee!
Nora the butterfly!
Bubby the chicken and Daddy the 80's rocker.
Our family in all of it's glory. [chaos]

Chicken boy.
Graveyard Cake!
Popcorn balls.

Snot on a Stick-
Me & Jake.
Danielle & Me
Abby the baby. hehe
Justin the hot dog (and costume contest winner) and Jaden as Super Why!
Daniel & Adam.
Me & Ab
Me & Katie
Popeye & Olive Oil
Me, Uncle Mikey & Jeni
The buggies.
Ab & Braden
Caleb as Thomas the Train.

All the kids! It was an awesome turnout.
Braden thinking about bobbing for apples...
Uncle Jake gave him his apple...
Talking about it...
Goin for it...
Uncle Jake by the fire...
Me with Kylie...
Jennifer (who is 23 weeks pregnant), me and Jeni

ave an update and some great thoughts for tomorrow's entry. See you all then!

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Yanick said...

The pictures are great! Looks like much fun was had at your house that day. The snot on a stick...what was that? lol.

And your custome was very cute!