Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am obsessed with my Father.
With this King called Jesus.
This God who is above all else.
I am obsessed with living for Him.
Pleasing Him.
And living attractively for Him.
I pursue Him obsessively, in this love affair of mine.
I love this King called Jesus.

Sometimes His breath oozes from behind me and I feel His presence lingering. The aroma of His very spirit awakens my soul to an excitement I have yet to encounter. And because I am hungry I continue to pursue the art of loving Him. It is delicate; this romance. It is above all else in my life. It is a spiritual, persisting fulfillment of my being.
It is obsessive.

Subtle, life changing, mind bending
passionate embraces with my Father.
With Him I enter into intimate, vulnerable, transparent moments.
And I am safe.
Obsessed. And Safe.

With my mind I cannot grasp this depth of this radical love for this God.
With my spirit I chase after that which I can only feel deeply, truly and raw.
With my lips I can offer up moments of solitude and surrender from the core of me.
I can offer obedience and overgrown lust for a God who stole my heart.
Obsessively I will reach for Him.
long for Him.
intertwine my life in His.
first and foremost.
Nothing greater, nothing more meaningful.
My Obsession.

What's yours?

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