Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!
I am enjoying this beautiful day of remembrance with my own Vet.
He has officially been out of the Marine Corps for 2 years after serving actively for 4.
He did two tours overseas, totalling a separation of 13 months (not including training and time apart for other misc. things.) The Marine Corps was good to us.

I have to admit there is part of me that misses that life. I miss our friends, the support, the insurance, the pride of knowing that my husband was part of something so much bigger than himself. Something that was worth alot. Something that will forever be his and can never be taken away.
The other part of me; the majority of my being, doesn't miss one bit of that life. I don't miss the time away from the man I love, the separation from my family and friends and the comfort of home. I don't miss the constant traveling, the constant worrying, and the constant confusion and junk of the military in general.

However, on a day like today when my husband is upstairs playing his guitar and I wake up with his strong arms around me, I feel relieved and grateful. He is still so young and was very much still a boy when he left the first time to become part of a war. Although he didnt see combat, that experience changed this man. It changed him to his core. He will never be the same. Again, in many ways I'm grateful.
In many ways I'm saddened.

But nevertheless, he is here with me today and I cannot thank God enough for his protection and provision. Some are not nearly as blessed. There are fathers, husbands, sons and daughters who are not here with us this Veteran's day because of their sacrifice. And I am eternally grateful! I will be the first to tell you that whether you agree or disagree with the military and what is happening overseas--our generation of military personnel believe in their duty. They believe in their obligation and are proud to be serving. Daniel would do it all again if needed...with no questions asked. And I know I speak for almost all of them. They are a different breed. And again, I am beyond thankful.

I hope you all enjoy this day as much as we are. We stayed up late, slept in late and are still in our pj's. We put up Christmas decor, drank some coffee, took a walk, played the guitar, roughed up the kids, and stole a kiss in passing. And, it's just after lunchtime:)

The kids have no idea what kind of hero tucks them in at night. But I will be sure to inform them just as soon as they can wrap their minds around it. This veteran, my husband, is a great man. I am thankful for his service, love of country, and dedication to that which he whole-heartily believes in. I pray you would have a peace today knowing that we are protected in great and mighty ways by our military men and women-and ultimately by the greatest army of all.

Here are the names of some of our friends who are currently still serving in the military. If you feel led to do so, please pray for their safety, clarity in their minds and for remarkable strength! We love you all and thank you for always standing behind us with love, encouragement and support!

will be getting out in the next couple of months. Please pray for an easy adjustment and that God would provide for him a new job in the civilian side of things!

Recruiter. Military wives around the world understand this one word, but for those of you that don't get it, please pray for his marriage (his wife is Andrea) and for strength and peace in their family. Recruiting duty is one of the toughest positions in the military but these are two of the strongest people I know too. They are doing great, but could always use our love!

Just got back from a year-long tour in Iraq. He is currently living here with his new wife, Taysha but could use our prayers for encouragement and peace.

Is in the National Guard. He is home with his family for now, but there is always a chance of separation for one reason or another when dealing with the military. Please pray that ONLY God's will be done!

Jimmy's Family--
One of the greatest men I knew. He loved the Marine Corps and served well during his time on this earth. He died unexpectedly in a car crash 2 weeks after their return home from Daniel's last deployment. He was Daniel's best friend. He became a devoted and strong Christian before their deployment and we rejoice that he is celebrating in Paradise! This day, among so many others, must be difficult for his wonderful family. Won't you join me in wrapping them in the Father's love with our prayers of comfort today?

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