Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're all breathing a little easier in our house this morning.
Braden had a pretty good night sleep although still restless. We all gathered in our bed at around 9 pm and were sleeping somewhere in our room by 10 pm. Nora is now running a small fever with a slight cough, but nothing like Braden's was yesterday. I read in an article that most people who come into contact with the virus that causes croup will not actually develop it. A certain amount of people are more prone to picking up the specific virus. Strange that my boy is sensitive to it, like his Aunt Jeni, unfortunately. We're still praying that this specific virus will fall void in his body from this point forward and never enter again. It's a horrible and scary thing to watch your child struggle to breathe all night long. But, again, his cough is more broken this morning and although he is still struggling to catch a good breath, he is getting the cough out much easier. Praise the Lord!

Nora keeps feeling his forehead as if she's feeling for a fever. When she's done, she leans over him with her binky voice and gently says, "you're ok, bubby. Jesus is going to make you better."

Indeed He is! Jesus, the God our healer has His hands upon us.
"Christ alone forgives all our sins, it is He alone who heals our infirmities."
Psalm 103:3
In other news, be on the lookout for a giveaway post soon. My friend Brittany has offered to give away a great prize right here on my blog! I'm excited and you should be too! I will also be making a St. Jude post, equipping you with alot of valuable information that may lead you to donate to the hospital this holiday season. And during this Thanksgiving week (and my birthday week) I will be making many posts regarding what it is I am thankful for in my life and asking for your input as well!

For now, I am back to baby-holding. Allowing my body to be theirs until they are well. It is exhausting yet so rewarding! Enjoy your children today as well, and find a way to tell them about Jesus. They'll love hearing His name!


Tiffany said...

I pray the worst is truly over for him! Have a lovely Saturday!

Amanda said...

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