Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Pics 2009

If ever you have the urge to take a 2 year old and a 3 year old to get their pictures taken...get rid of the urge.

Even though some of these pictures turned out ok, the morning was not pretty. The kids were being nasty (like toddlers can be) and it took us a long time between talks in the bathroom and bribes to get a good picture. We got one, I repeat, ONE good family shot which I'm not sharing on here because you'll all see it on our Christmas cards when they are sent to you in the next week or so! (If you want a card and I don't have your address, please send it to me via email! We'd love to send you a Christmas card;) We didn't even get a picture of both redheads together. Man alive, it was a rough go, but here are a few of our proofs from today's photo session.

We got a much better picture of Nora, but I just deleted it and don't feel like re-uploading it again. You can visit my facebook to see more;)

Ok, so while the kids are napping I have a few more minor details to finish on house decorations. But before I get up and moving on that I wanted to announce that the winner of the Memory Smell Giveaway is:

Brandy!!! Email me your address, dear. I will get your yummy-smelling Scentsy block out to you in the next couple of days!!! Congrats and enjoy this beautiful (cold) Thursday!!!


Sarah said...

beautiful family pics!!

Tiffany said...

I think they came out fantastic! I really like the ones of you and your hubby. Your dress is so great - what a perfect color with your hair! {grin}

andrealeighshannon said...

We had our pictures done today, and I totally feel your toddler pain. Silas woke up in the worst mood today, and we had pics at 10. So we decided to have his One year pics done first so when he got tired and grouchy we could do the family pics since we would be holding him anyway. Well he wanted to be held during his pics and wanted to run around during the family pics!! Haha! Anyway we will be sending a Christmas card and a picture of Silas. Miss you!!!