Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

I have spent the majority of the day trying to get these pictures up. It just hasn't been working for some reason and they still turned out blurry and I'm not sure why. That has never happened to me before. So I will give descriptions of the pictures here and if you would like to see bigger pictures for better detail, feel free to take a peak on my facebook at this link:

I took pictures of some of the details that I love most, but of course I couldn't capture everything. It just feels, smells and looks gorgeous in here right now. My mom said it and I feel the same way,
"I wish I could always remember the house looking just like it does right now!

So everyone entered the house through the front porch. The theme is still modern red, white and black and is my favorite room right now, although the pictures just cannot do justice to the beauty of any room in this house!
Our first tree is a simple white tree with red bulbs and berries. Our sillouhettes hang directly in front of the front door which is my favorite part.
Upon entering the toy room you would see our giant traditional tree. It holds all of our family's most precious ornaments that we have collected through the last few years. We have a giant train and lots of pretty wrapped presents to match the colors in this room.
My primitive mantle in the toy room.

A massive snowman display.
This picture was taken before we were finished putting out the final touches, but the alpine trees are lit directly beneath the giant santa picture, which was a huge hit!

In the bathroom, our small tree is placed inside of an outdoor crock. It's a great idea if you're coming up short on things to do in a space that isn't always practical.

Our colors in the dining room are radiant! We tied in silver with the blue that was already part of this room and it is simply gorgeous.
Throw in a touch of red and you have a unique and simple color scheme that is sure to make you smile! It does me;)

Upstairs, our bedrooms are simple yet elegant. We threw in lots of gold to set off the deep red in our bedroom. It's lovely right now!
Again, the pictures are terrible at giving off the actual feeling in the room, but you get the point for the most part.
Nora's room is darling! Lots of pink with a touch of snow. There is also a neat dollhouse displayed in her corner that I didnt get pictures of.
Braden's room was the last room I needed an idea for. I decided on a "letter tree" the night before the tour. After all, we are working on letters every day anyway, so why not?
When you turn to head back down the stairs, this massive Santa fills the area. He's old, and gorgeous. And I love him.
You are absolutely overwhelmed by greens in our kitchen! It's that time of year and it feels so cozy and festive!
My mom found these neat tins for the holiday and we couldnt resist getting them for the top of our fridge. They're perfect!
My mom also got me this plate for my birthday and next to it is Miss Brittany's scentsy block that was also a huge hit! The kitchen smelled delightful!

I was suprised by the number of people who never thought to decorate above their sink. Who doesnt do that?
Our kitchen setting is simple and elegant. I love it.
Upon entering our living room, we had an area just for homeade goodies. Everyone seemed to enjoy them!Our living room mantle is gorgeous! See the cascading effect? It adds such a punch! The santa's are sitting on candle holders and there are picks stuffed in my summer votive holders. It's just stunning.

Our mudroom is so festive right now as well. With greenery and my favorite picture above the mirror, I love looking into this little space!

In the corner is the black tree. Inside of it, we stuffed red, gold and black toul for a subtle yet awesome effect. It's gorgeous! The tree also has red and white lights.
This is my favorite wall of the house. It displays my old cameras and pictures of my Nanny when she was a young girl and a young woman. I hope to add to and expand to the theme of this wall. Pawpy also got me a beautiful nativity set for my birthday. It was the last big display before people walked out of the house, which I was thankful for. After all, Christ is the reason for this season.
In our hallway, I displayed festive wrapping paper in frames with bulbs hung over them. It was simple and unique and everyone loved it!
Remember, to see better quality photos, visit my facebook! Hope you enjoyed your little virtual tour. I'm glad thats over (whew;)


Tiffany said...

Awesome!! Your house is stunning! You did such a terrific job. How long did that take you?? Will you keep it up for a bit into January? Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. R said...

Ramee, it is so beautiful!!! I love everything! I think my fave. tree is the black one, though they all are so pretty. You put a ton of work into it and WOW WOW WOW! LOVE IT!!!

Jalen James said...

wow! I am impressed! My decorations are elementary to yours!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it all! My favorite is the black tree! and the huge nativity scene!
You're so creative!