Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This post is full of nothing but complaints. Please do not read if you are not in the mood to listen to me gripe. This is simply for my own recollection someday when I forget how terrible I felt during the first half of my pregnancy. Proceed with caution.

I was up all night puking and with diarrhea. Fun times...
I think Daniel was pretty traumatized.
I'm pretty sure it's the flu considering I had a fever, and chills.

My lower back hurts so incredibly bad. I cant do anything that helps to ease the pain.
I'm pretty miserable.

I currently am experiencing this awful pain on the left side of my neck, chest, and upper arm. It feels like a gassy pain. Like when I had surgery and the anesthesia was wearing off. It's incredibly painful as well.

I still have this cough.
I'm convinced that half of my puking is caused from the severe coughing.
It has been one month.

I am SO crampy this time around. I don't remember ever having cramps when I was pregnant with the kids. In turn, I am forever worrying about the baby and my body. I know it's "normal" but it has never happened to me. I hate it.

I hate Heidi.
And her obsession with peeing in our bathroom causing me to have to clean it up--
in turn causing me to gag, and sometimes resulting in more vomit.

The house is ridiculously messy. Christmas was great, but now I don't have the energy to clean up the toys and sweep the floors and pull down ALL the decorations. I want to clean it all. I just cant.

I get to see the baby tomorrow. I am officially 10 weeks.
I can't believe it, and it still doesnt feel real. I told Daniel that this must just be another confirmation that this will, indeed, be our last child (hopefully)--because I am not a puker. I would not have had more children if my first pregnancy was spent barfing. Well, I probably would have...but my gosh, it's miserable.
Props to all of you who get really sick. I am blessed for sure, because other than feeling nasty, I have only puked these few times, and again, I believe it is more flu than anything.
Hopefully I'll feel back to myself in a few weeks.
Hoping. Hoping. Hoping.


Sarah said...

aww...hope you get to feeling better. i am one of those people who get horribly sick while pregnant!! i feel for you. hang in there and enjoy those kiddos of yours!! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Chelsea was my worst 1st trimester and the most uncomfortable! I don't know if part of was I had 3 other kids to take care of or what. But she was by far the quickest and easiest labor and delivery! So I hope it gets better for you!! It is hard to be sick when you can't lay in bed all day!!

brandy said...

Awwwwwww... Praying for you!!! :-)

Tiffany said...

Oh, Hon. I am so sorry. I was miserable a lot in my pregnancies, and I did my share plus in grumbling and complaining! I am praying for strength and grace and no more coughing/puking for you today! Email me if you need to vent more! I hope today is a blessing!

Ashleigh said...

It's refreshing to see someone else complaining and to be able to pout with you. I am in such a horrible mood lately and feel guilty bc everyone (ok, my grandfather who is visiting from IL) is just excited and cares about me but I am so tired of being asked every hour if I feel like today is today, what the look on my face means, if I am having contractions...as if I wont let those visiting us know. I was deathly ill with Kaylee and Zofran was the only reason I even considered getting pregnant again. And I know what you mean about the cramping. I had theeeeeee worst back pains with this pregnancy at the beginning and it scared me so bad and I just knew it was going to end badly since that is what I felt when I lost our first baby. Obviously all was fine though and it really is crazy how different each pregnancy can be to your body.

Hugs to you girl <3

andrealeighshannon said...

Dont worry Rame I could also do some complaining and lots of it! I woke up in a horrible mood this morning. And did I mention that Roberts mom has moved in with us. Oh yes and I have no idea for how long! I love her to death, but the woman always has something to say. Sometimes I just pretend like I dont hear her and she continues to talk. Anyway I could go on and on, but I will stop there. I love ya Ramee and I am praying that you will start to feel better soon!