Sunday, December 13, 2009

I will not fear.

"But whoever listens to me will dwell secure, and will be ease without dread of disaster."
Proverbs 1:33

Help Daniel & I not to fear about this child that you are molding inside of me. YOU spoke to us, God. You declared that we would have a child. You even spoke to me, telling me his name. The enemy is saying things to me, God. Lies. He is speaking things and bringing fear into my heart. I pray against it and stand firm in your promise, Lord. Help me to have a peace that surpasses my mindful understanding. I want to be fervent in my faith. Fervent in my prayers. Help me to be humble when I come to you. Give me assurance that you are near. I pray I would feel your presence as breath to my spirit. That you would whisper into my ears and I would feel your breath penetrate my being. I pray that you would continue forming this baby into the man or woman of God that you already see. Thank you for dwelling inside of my womb and allowing this child to see your face. I loved when you spoke to us when I was pregnant with Nora. You told us that you were speaking to her, and she was still inside of my body. How remarkable are you, God. And even now, I know Nora hears you. She speaks of you often and I have a deep peace about her salvation. Thank you for that, God. I long to feel that same peace overflow from me even now about this growing child. And I know you will do it. I know that soon, I will feel your comfort uplift me. I know I will be at ease and that enemy will not be able to spring up lies of disaster in my mind. You, Lord, are my strength and my portion. My ever present help in time of need. I claim your word over our lives and I stand on the promises you have spoken. My hope is in you, God. Only always in you. I love you.

Here are a few things about the kids that I want to look back and remember from this past week! Thank you all for loving our family!
Braden is now saying, "Merry Chris Chris." The kid can pronounce anything you ask him to say such as hippopotamus and dandelion yet he cannot say "Christmas."
Nora was in the bathroom with me as I was trying to get ready the other night. She reached up and tried to touch the curling iron. I said, "Nora, please don't touch that. Get out of here baby!" She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said,
"Oh relax! I'm gonna be just fine."
Nora has also been heard saying things like, "Stinky butt," and "butt crack" lately. Today, however, she corrected her Uncle Jake when he teased her by saying it. She kindly but bluntly said...
"That is a bad word Uncle Jake. I don't say that!"


Tiffany said...

cute stuff!!
Praying God's peace for you.

brandy said...

OH Ramee! How I needed your blog. I just got done with a lengthy conversation with someone who doens't believe in God and wow.. I feel heavy. The script you posted before your prayer is what I needed. Thank you So much for your encouragement it truly blesses me! Praying for the peace of the Lord to rest on you! Thank you for blessing me with your words of encouragement! And for scripture you post! It is always so encouraging to see God moving! It has blessed me and continues to bless me!

Firecracker said...

I needed to read this so badly, ever since I found your blogs, I've been addicted! God really uses you as an example to speak to others who may be going through the same thing.
Ever since God spoke to me about the name of our son he's going to give us, I've been still concerned that we'll never have one, and I've prayed that ever since we started trying to conceive in 2006, that I wanted to know when, when would his perfect timing be? And he answered me yesterday, and it was such perfect timing!
I will no longer fear that He won't give me the desires of my heart, He is faithful and just to those that live to please Him!