Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids say the darndest things..Christmas version.

One of the greatest rewards of being able to stay home with my children is teaching them about the Lord. Their minds are quick; able to retain information and valuable concepts. I constantly pray that the Lord would guide me in the things He would have my children learn at this delicate and young age. I am so amazed at their ability and desire to learn of Heavenly things. I know it is a direct result of our prayers over their minds while they were yet still inside of me. God is a faithful God!
As we were eating dinner a few nights ago, Nora proudly announced that Jesus was a baby. We had seen the Christmas play at church a few days before so it made sense that she was remembering what she saw. She then went on to say this:
"and Jesus doesnt have arms, and he doesnt have legs, and he doesnt have fingers or toes. No belly button and Jesus doesn't have a butt. Mommy! Jesus doesn't have a butt!!"
Daniel then said to her, "but Nora...babies have arms and legs and they even have butts. So even Jesus has those things. But Jesus didn't stay a baby."
I think she understands that Jesus isn't like us. She just put it in a 3 year old description
Me: "Nora, where does Jesus live?"
Nora: "At church."
Me: You're right, baby, Jesus does live at church. Jesus lives everywhere because He's in our hearts."
Nora: "No Mommy! Jesus lives at church!!!"
Me: "What is Christmas, Nora?"
Nora: "mmmm....Jesus' birthday. (long pause)...and Nanny's and my birthday too!"

We get presents so it must be a birthday, after all!
The kids saw Santa a couple of days ago for the first time. They were both terrified. I didn't force them to get close to him, of course. Since we came home, Nora has seemed extremely troubled about Santa coming into our house while she's asleep. Last night she confirmed that she wanted Santa to take her toys to Nanny's house and Nanny could bring them to us.

"What does Santa say, Bubby?"
"HO! HO! HO! BERRY CHRIS CHRIS!" (in the deepest little boy voice you've ever heard)
Yesterday morning before church, the kids were building with blocks in Nora's room. Suddenly Daniel and I walk towards the door as we hear Nora say,
"Ugh!!!!! Bubby's being psycho!"
If ever a time she sounded like her mother...
Indeed, the boy can be psycho, I have to agree.
Me: "Braden, where does Jesus live?"
Braden: "In our hearts."
Me: "Right! Do you know what Christmas day is?--It's Jesus' birthday, that is why we share presents."
Nora (from the other room): "And we don't hit the baby Jesus."
Before bedtime last night, I decided to make chocolate cupcakes. The kids already had a few licks of the bowl but were anxiously awaiting their share of the cupcakes. They were having big talks with their daddy, and he quickly captured the cutest pictures of my babes. There is nothing like sharing this time with them. I have never felt more blessed being a mother as I do right now. To see them learn and hear the things they are understanding is making me determined to live a life according to the word of God. A life that is suitable for their eyes to see. I am confident that we are taking the Lord's direction wisely and using it to set these children on a path towards serving the Lord. Every new adventure that is thrown our way is embraced with excitement and zeal for the things of Heaven. We are blessed beyond measure and even through the difficult moments and days, we cling to the promise of our God. Our hope. Our salvation. After all, there is no alternate path. There is no greater life than this one we were given.
How are you teaching your children about the meaning of Christmas?
What are their responses?
What have you most enjoyed about their learning of Jesus?

In the next couple days, take the time to focus your children's attention on one concept of Christmas that is God-focused. Teach them of the baby Jesus or about his mother, Mary. Teach them why we share gifts with one another and ask detailed questions about what they think it means. You will be surprised at how their little minds are already filled with the things of God. Plant a seed in your children this week and enjoy watching it grow into something remarkable that will change the course of their lives, and indefinitely yours too.
Record these moments with your children. In your mind, in a journal, on video. Etch them in your heart because these are the very moments that the foundation of their faith will be laid. And someday, when they are doing mighty things for Jesus, you will look back and be reminded of the beauty in their innocence--in these very moments.

And while you're at it--share with someone else the message of Christmas this week.
They are dying to hear it. As humans, our hearts bleed for the truth. And there is nothing of greater substance and truth than our Lord, Jesus.
"I am the way, the truth and the life..."
John 14:6


Tiffany said...

First - you are gorgeous!! Just thought I'd let you know! {grin} These photos are precious, what a beautiful family. I love that you wrote these memories here to savor. This was such an encouraging post for me to read. YOU are an encouragement. Thank you. I am going to purpose today to take time to share the good news with my children - especially Cadi. Scotty probably will not sit still long enough! lol

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Oh my i love the story's about Nora and Braden....they are so cute. I wish you all a merry christmas.

Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I am loving all the pictures in this post. Especially Braden with the glasses on. Too precious! I love their answers to your Christmas questions.

Miranda has a Little People Nativity play set that we have out now. She likes to play with it but baby Jesus usually ends up being taken care of by the princess in her pink castle. We haven't really elaborated more than telling her that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. She loves birthdays! She thinks there will be cake with candles to blow out and everyone will sing. Very cute.