Friday, January 8, 2010

11 weeks and 2 days pregnant.
Had to move up a bra size already.
Still able to wear all my regular clothes, although feeling more snug.
Feeling better; less nauseous.
Still exhausted.
Still needy.
Still emotional.
Not motivated to clean, or do much of anything.
Not fearful. Feeling peace.
Haven't gotten dressed/ready for what seems like weeks. Hence-no pictures.
Vow to take picture at 12 weeks and post.
Daniel & I agree...we think the poppage of the belly is happening...
I don't think I ended up posting about it, but on New Years Day, I took myself and Nora to the ER for my cough and her draining eyes. The Dr. said I had bronchitis and gave me a 3 day antibiotic. My cough is better, but not completely gone. Although my back pain and fever-like symptoms were gone by that night! I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it checked out, but I'm so thankful all feels normal again. Nora didn't get any medicine, aside from some eye drops that we only had to use once. She seemed better the next morning.

Braden is calling himself "Brandy."
It may seem cruel, but the kid tip-toes and we tease.
It's cute.
Of course, he is all boy. He just has a little bounce in his step, that's all.

Nora had a close-to-perfect day yesterday. She is still laying in bed as I type this, in a little mood, but I am allowing her to do so. It's cold out and there's nothing exciting to do anyway. Who am I kidding? It's cold IN too. Better to stay in bed, I suppose.
If I didn't have Braden, Nora and I would sleep our lives away. Instead, I'm blessed with the sound of his voice [loud, screaming voice] at 7:45 every morning.
Thank You, Lord!:)

Nothing new in our world. Gonna take Nora to a movie later. Good day ahead!!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, I just love your blog! I am so glad that your day with Nora went better yesterday. Guess what?! My sister is pregnant and due July 27th - pretty close to you, right?? I cannot wait to see your cute belly photo!! Praying for you. {grin} I will email soon. PROMISE.