Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 week picture.

Jeni walked in yesterday and said that she could finally see a little bump.
I don't feel like it has changed that much, but I am definitely starting to notice some changes.
I'm going to post pictures of my actual belly as I begin to grow, but for now there is just nothing to show. I just look, and feel bloated ( to everyone else, at least. )
So here you go! 12 weeks tomorrow:)
Exhausted, frazzled, pajama pants and all. This exact picture will serve as a beautiful reminder of these rough few weeks known as the first trimester. Praising God for renewed energy very soon!

Oh and I forgot to blog that my Dr's scale weighs 4-5 pounds heavier than ours here at home--very discouraging to me, but nevertheless, I'm going by what mine says since that is what I have always done.
Starting weight at week 6= 110 pounds.
Weight at 10 week appt.= 115 pounds.

For those of you who don't know...I like to gain weight when I'm carrying a child. Alot of weight. This time I'd like to think it will be different...but I'm just so hungry. I also want to point out that at this 12 week mark, I am no longer focused, concerned, or worried about my weight and how much I will gain. I will lose it so I'm going to grow this baby as healthy as I know how!
Have a great day! I know we will. Daniel will be home soon, I have some places to go and then we have dinner planned with Katie and Adam tonight (with no kids!)
What are your Tuesday plans?


Tiffany said...

Aww, beautiful! My sister is exactly 12 weeks today, too! Crazy. {grin} You look absolutely terrific and glowy already. Thanks for sharing with us!

Sarah said...

great picture! my plans? Johnny left today to go out to sea. he should be home in a few days. i guess i'll just be sitting at thome with my girls!! have fun at dinner and enjoy your time away with friends.

Ashleigh said...

Cute as always! My doc's scale was always a few pounds higher too but then again I was always clothed and in shoes when I was weighed there and at home I make sure all I am in is skin, ha :p

Kalli said...

You look beautiful Ramee! You have the Momma glow and I can see a teensy little bump-cute!