Wednesday, January 20, 2010

13 weeks.

It's an icy day. Cold, rainy and icy.
We put blankets over Braden's windows last night in hopes that the darker room would keep him in bed a little longer. It's 8:30 and he's still sleeping. It's wonderful.

Daniel went back to work yesterday and I missed him. Usually on his days off, we get frustrated with one another. He doesn't fit into our daytime routine and it seems to throw us all off. But not this vacation. He was so helpful with the kids and they really enjoyed their time with him too. I was so thankful.
He and my dad finished putting our wood burning stove in the garage. I am officially the fire lady during the day. Changing logs and stokin the fire are my new appointed hobbies. I don't mind though--our living room finally feels warm.

Today marks ONE WEEK since Nora has not had a binky.
She has only asked for it once.
I am so incredibly proud of her!!!

Today also makes me 13 weeks pregnant. I feel like time has flown by, but on the other hand I feel like I have been tired and forgetful for a lifetime. In reality it's only been a couple of months. A week from tomorrow we go back to the Dr. and he may be able to tell us the sex of the baby. We have always found out because we love to pray specifically over the child, calling he or she by name. It helps me make an awesome connection with them.
I am definitely growing.
At this point with Nora, I had already gained 11 pounds (I looked it up in my journal).
I will be close to that at my appointment next week from the looks of it. However, I started out 15 pounds heavier with Nora, so the difference is incredible.
I am so enjoying food!

Since I am due on Nora's birthday, this pregnancy has brought back alot of stirring emotions in me from the time I was pregnant with her. For instance, Friday marks 4 years since Nanny died. I was exactly this far along in my pregnancy and was exhausted. It's incredibly hard.
4 years seems like yesterday.

There's just not alot going on. Still feel like this winter is the longest yet. I wish I felt like cleaning because the house could be spotless by now. I just don't.
I'm ready for spring weather and flower planting. Light jackets on bare feet running and giggling through our yard. I'm ready for walks with the double stroller and meeting daddy on his mail route. I'm ready for Felicia and the kids to pile in my house for lunch. I'm ready for Alaina to come back twice a week so I can feel like myself again. This winter has been so isolating. It's just so hard to get two babies out in the cold.
So we don't.

...but I'm blessed by this home and all it has done for us.
I am blessed by these kids and their constant companionship.
I am blessed by the telephone on cold, long days and seeing Rachel's name on the caller ID.
I am blessed by the Bloom Book Club and the books it has allowed me to read.
I am blessed by online friends and their encouragement.
...and the Lord. He is ever present and speaking to me. It's much less lonely living for Him.

Have a good day friends! Stay warm, be careful and love on life.


Tiffany said...

Praying for you. I am shooting you an email. right now! {grin}

Chrissy said...

Stumbled upon your blog. I have two redheads, too! My third child came out with dark hair, and he looks like he doesn't belong! ;o)

Krista said...

I know what you mean by the long winter with the two kids. SO not fun. Especially being tired and in your first trimester (now second!!). Maybe we can exchange ideas on how to keep our kids entertained sometime! Happy Winter :)