Wednesday, January 27, 2010

14 weeks.

I've had many dreams that this babe is a girl. Tomorrow at my Dr's appointment, we may or may not find out the gender, but either way-Daniel gets to go with me and I'm thrilled! There is a big difference in seeing that still picture when I bring it home compared to watching the sweet beating heart of the child God blessed us with yet again. What an awesome gift!
14 weeks. Moving into the second trimester!
Up 12 pounds--just now at my starting weight when I was pregnant with Nora!
I guess with your 3rd baby...'when you pop, you just pop!"
What do ya think?
I'm finally feeling like myself again, except some major mood swings. For instance, yesterday I was super sad for no known reason. My tailbone is killing me. I almost can't sit at all without being in tears. I have cooked dinner twice this week, so the meat is no longer making me want to barf everywhere. Good sign!
I am still in my jeans, but not for many days more, I can tell. My boobs are still hurting much worse than when I was pregnant with either redhead, and they are growing everyday.
At 14 weeks, I am excited to keep growing and to start feeling this babe wiggle and kick. I am thankful and blessed with the opportunity to become a mother yet again. It is the greatest, most humbling experience of my life. God has made all of
my dreams come true!
I'll update tomorrow after our Dr's appointment in the afternoon. I appreciate your prayers for a great and healthy report! ♥


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for your redheaded brood! Thanks for the prayers. I got to sleep last night! With minimal crying.

Tiffany said...

You look beautiful, you really do! You wear pregnancy well, girl!! I hope you get to find out what the baby is. You're thinking girl, huh? I am going with boy! lol Have you started thinking of names yet? Do you keep the name a secret? I pray for you daily!