Friday, January 22, 2010

A big day...

Happy One Year Birthday, Heidi girl!
One year ago today, we adopted Heidi. She has been a pain in my butt ever since, but how can you not love that face?? I don't know how we did it but once again we have and I'm so happy that she is part of our family. (mostly)
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
My parents have taught me so many lessons about marriage that they don't even realize they have taught me. Through all of the years, I have paid close attention to the amount of work it takes to make a marriage work. And although it is hard at times, it is also rewarding as well. I am so thankful to have parents who love God, and who love each other. They are willing to fight for us and for their marriage and we have all received a wonderful gift because of it!
Happy Paradise Anniversary, Nanny!
Today marks 4 years since my Nanny went on to her Heavenly reward.
According to, the process of grief usually lasts anywhere from 6 months to 4 years. Although most other sites say that "it takes as long as it takes." Just because we have hit the 4 year mark, it does not mean that all of us are completely healthy and healed of the pain from grief, but I do see that we are better. We are much better. In 4 years, our lives have changed in so many drastic ways. In ways I wish they would not have, and ways that are so overwhelmingly beautiful, it has taken my breath away. All the while, Nanny has been at the throne of our King, embracing His touch and glorifying Him with song. This year, for the first time since her death, I woke up and felt like this 'date' was not important. I miss her everyday, so today is no different in feeling for me. Finally.
I cry most often thinking about how she did not get to see, hold, smell, and play with my children. She would have loved Nora's sweet little eyes, and no doubt she would have spent her days laughing at brother the way we all do. She was such a great Nanny.
I am so thankful for the hope of Heaven. I am so thankful for a God whom I have a personal relationship with, and not just a duty to. He has brought peace, comfort, affirmation, joy and strength in these moments of intense pain of grieving. He has been and always is an Awesome God!
So today I can truly say I am celebrating Nanny and even her death. She is in Paradise! And I am thankful that she loved us enough to give us the assurance while she was alive that she would be with Jesus in eternity!
I love you, Nan. You are truly my sunshine.


Firecracker said...

God Bless your family and their loss, and God Bless your "nanny".

Tiffany said...

What a sweet post and tribute to you nanny.