Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Nora.

My lady is so smart. She enjoys doing her 3 year old 'homework' on the computer every day, and she is learning quickly! We are practicing recognizing her letters and numbers--so far so good!
You see, I am somewhat hyper-active. Or my brain is. Being home all winter kills me. My mind is always turning, trying to think of things we can do. It takes everything in me to just let the kids be 2 and 3; playing or watching cartoons rather than being busy with other things. But I have done well. After all, next year when I truly start homeschooling Nora (and even Braden a little) things will be much less random, and much more organized.
For now, she is still only 3 years old. Still a beautiful baby in footy PJ's...or at least to me. So I'm letting her be 3. Laying around, staying in her pajamas all the cold day, playing on the computer, watching cartoons, coloring, playing with play dough, eating popsicles, etc. And she seems to enjoy her days. And I enjoy them with her...
...soaking up every bit of her...
Last week we decided we needed a pick-me-up. The days are long and Braden sleeps in the afternoons. I wanted to do something that would encourage us to hold on a little longer. Just a little while longer until spring...
So here is our "crapt" as Nora calls it (our craft, ya know?!)
Braden's says, "Bring On Spring!"
Because when spring arrives, these redheads will be walking, playing, skating, biking....just BEING outside.
And we can't wait! But we will. Just a little while longer...

What have you been doing to pass these long winter days?
What are you looking forward to during those first days of beautiful spring?


Sarah said...

i need to start by saying that i really do feel a little guilt to be here in california while it is snowing in Illinois. i don't feel as trapped as i am sure that you do, but we have had a cold front all last week with a LOT of rain.

my girls like to paint!! i just took some plain paper plates and let them put red hand prints on there for Valentine's Day gifts for the grandparents.

we also spend almost an hour in the bath every night. we bought bath crayons and work on their letters in there too.

good luck and i hope your spring comes quickly!!! :)

Tiffany said...

We are different in this way Ramee! I love being trapped and snug in our home during the winter. I honestly think, though, it is because of how crazy busy our summers have been at camp. That might change now that I will have a more relaxing summer here at home. I cannot even imagine what that will be like, and THAT gets me excited for spring and summer!