Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year happenings.

In the last few days, and mostly the days leading up to January 1st, 2010--Daniel and I found ourselves in constant conversation about the new year. How odd it is to be living in the year 2010. It almost feels surreal. How quickly an old year fades and a new dawn awakens!
I feel this same sort of sadness after working so hard in my flower garden in the early days of spring. They grow and bloom so quickly and suddenly, the first frost is upon them and they are wilted and weak. Gone, in a flash. So much the same was this past year.

2009 was great to us. It greeted us with cold, beautiful memories and saw us through a year with little to no tragedy. We had healthy children, sunny days and the blessings of God poured out upon is in great ways. Doors were opened, and doors were visibly and almost physically shut by our Lord, always constant in His direction of our lives. Although difficult at times, it proved to be a year of growth and change; depth and learning. I am so thankful for this year past.

In the last couple of days, I have felt a quickening in my spirit once again. The kind that only the Lord can bring. A quickening so strong that my mind is racing thinking of the ways that I can draw nearer to Jesus. Seeking God and asking Him what can I do for Him right now that is suitable? How can I mother better and more godly? Who can I reach? What can I study?
Take me deeper, oh God.
And so I went and bought a brand new notebook. Clean for this new year, it's pages are crisp and white. It is not scribbled in or tainted. It is refreshing!
Daniel and I will use it to write prayer requests for one another from our own hearts, scripture that we stumble across that we want to keep for ourselves or share with one another, songs that come to our mind throughout the day or ones that the Lord has us to write. It will be a notebook that will be crucial in these coming days, I can tell. It is something that will take us deeper and I know we will cherish it one day very soon, as we step into this next place God has for us--whatever that may be.

The first scripture that is written is one that I read this morning.
It is beyond fitting for this new year of 2010 and all the thoughts that have been circling in my mind! Oh how God is faithful in His word!!!

"You, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the works of Your hands; they will perish, but You remain. And they will become old like a garment, and like a mantle You will roll them up; like a garment they will also be changed. But You are the same and Your years will not come to an end!"
Hebrews 1:10-12

Praise God that His years will not ever come to end like the precious years we walk through on this earth. What an awesome gift. What a perfect hope!

At 8:30 this morning while my husband was delivering the first of his mail route, the temperature read -5 degrees.
Nora got to spend a few minutes in the snow last week before temps dropped to ridiculous lows. Our furnace can't keep up and our home is cold. We're making it though. Just a few more cold days before we're through the worst of it!!!
Uncle Jake got a few new games for Christmas and got to spend some time teaching the kids how to play. Here they are on his skateboard game--

Daniel and I celebrated 5 years of marriage last week. He worked at 12 hour day in the freezing cold and I was beyond nauseous. Although we went to dinner here in town that night, I ended up coming home and getting sick. I stayed that way for days afterwards. So needless to say, we didnt have a big celebration. He took care of me and I took advantage of his help. A couple days later, he walked in with these...
"Sorry you're sick flowers"
And they're gorgeous♥

Our redheads have found ways to keep warm over the last few days and nights. Although overly irritable and downright bored, they are still pretty much the cutest ever.
...And of course we LIVE for everyday visitors to bring us a smile from the outside world. I wouldnt dare get the kids out in the weather (although we did Sunday for church and it was freeezing)...so when Uncle Mike stops by to play, it is refreshing and so much fun!
We are just trying to plug through the cold days here in Illinois. Daniel has a whole week off next week so we are looking forward to that! What's the temperature where you're at? What are you doing to remain sane? What kinds of food are you cooking to keep warm?

Love hearing from you! Have a great day!


Sarah said...

it's about 67 degrees here in sunny san diego! we are even a little jealous that you lucky people in illinois get to play in the snow! :(

i'm not sure how you handle your winters of being stuck inside the house every single day!! hang in there. xoxo

Tiffany said...

That verse is JUST what I needed today! I am going to write it in my journal - thank you!
It is COLD here, too. I think it is around 20 right now.
I have a pot of split pea, lentil, barley soup going in my crock pot right now, and I will serve it with {warm} crusty bread. {grin}

Anonymous said...

AJ is 2 years and 9 months now and he occasionally has a tantrum. But almost daily he crosses his arms and stomps off and is angry about something. He spends some time alone in his room and comes out fine. And all my children have been extra whiny and on edge since Christmas. With staying up later and going so many places they got out of our routine and with our new little Chelsea they have all been thrown off. But we are slowly get back to what we call 'normal'. Hope Nora is just going through a little phase that won't last long. It is hard to be patient with our children sometimes. Remember she is loved and she will always know that! You are a great mom and just because only a few of us are brave enough to say our children misbehave sometimes doesn't mean we are the only ones!! :)