Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last night was the 3rd night sleeping with no binky and today makes day 4 without one. She hasn't even asked for it! Just like everything else in her life, she weaned herself...simply not using one. She did the same thing while nursing as a baby, taking a bottle and just about every other milestone she has hit. I have never forced her away from things because I always know that when she's ready, she'll just be done. And she is!
What a big girl!

My dad and Daniel have been working for about a week trying to install a wood burning stove into our garage that will blow into our living room. You know--the room that doesnt have heat? Hopefully they will be done soon, although I must admit I'm still a little leery of the whole wood stove situation. But, after seeing our heat bill this month, we definitely need to make some sort of change that may help with things in the winter.
* Felicia called shortly after I made my post last night and said that they didn't even run tests on Bella, because they were sure that she does not have meningitis! She is having an allergic reaction to some medicine and she does have some sort of infection in her throat, but it should run it's course! Thank you for your prayers!
I'm so glad we serve a loving God!

* To read about Kalli's niece, you can visit the comments section of my previous post. Please direct your prayers towards the things she writes about concerning Marli. I know that their family GREATLY appreciates your love and support.
Like I mentioned yesterday, I will be posting a couple of entries full of ideas about how to reconnect with the people you love minus technology and business. Be on the lookout for that!
Also, I will be posting a few posts regarding my personal convictions and thoughts on a wide range of topics starting soon-
Family size, immunizations, education, etc.
Should be fun to start the conversations and hear what you all have to think!

Let's all be in prayer for the people in Haiti, along with the men and women our country (and others) have sent for aid. This is a devastating time and if you want to help, there are many ways to do so. Do your research, make some calls, and if you feel led to help, DO IT! ♥
Have a good weekend!


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Congratulations! That's what I should have done with Miranda. I took her paci away too early and now she sucks her thumb. Hopefully she can wean herself from that soon.

WTG Nora! Such a big girl!

Tiffany said...

Nora is so adorable and beautiful! Congrats on getting rid of the binky!! What a huge step! So glad you have been able to enjoy your hubby home - how nice!