Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sledding revelations...

Just got back from taking the kids sledding. This is the first time it's been warm enough to actually get them out and let them play in all of the great snow we have! Daniel is off until Tuesday so we got to enjoy the time together! Katie, Adam and their boys joined us and it was just such a good time! Adam turned 30 today and I do believe we celebrated in the coolest way possible.

At the bottom of the hill, I remember looking up at my cute husband, darling snow babies and great friends. Uncle Mike appeared, after spotting us at the sledding hill and walking across the highway. I said to myself in that very moment, "my life is so enriched with people who bless me." I am at a place where there are very few people in my life that do not spiritually bless me in some way in our relationship.

When the Lord put Katie & Adam in our lives, we could only imagine where that friendship would lead. We had no idea the plans that God had in store for all of us. I saw Daniel & Adam today and thanked God for these two Godly men who have such character. Although both very different, they are very much the same. And I know that my children are blessed to have Adam to turn to, if Daniel isn't around to answer a question, or to guide them.
My friendship with Katie is so fulfilling to my life! It excites me to spend time with her. I learn from her and have grown from her. We laugh together and when I look at her, I see such virtue. She reminds me of the Proverbs woman, although I'm not sure I have told her that. She handles every situation with such grace and joy. She is truly one of my greatest gifts and her friendship has changed my life. I looked at her today, and tucked away that special feeling that the Lord chose to give to me. What a precious God we serve!

When Mike joined everyone at the top of the hill, he grabbed up my boy. He carried him down the hill and eventually back to the top. He steps in and loves--with no conditions or reserve. He gives his entire heart and his entire being to serve. And he is a good man. A man who loves Jesus. A man who my children can look up to and cherish. Again, I am ridiculously blessed.

I turned around as all of these wonderful thoughts are floating through my mind and see my dad pull up in his old truck to watch the kids sled. And, again, I am thankful. Proud. Humbled. It seems that the Lord has taken the Godly men in my life and multiplied them seven-fold. I am surrounded. And I am grateful.
In fact, while I was reading during my devotion time this week, there was a place in the word that talked about how the Lord will weed out people from our lives who are not investing into the kingdom or investing in Jesus. Well, clearly it doesn't say those exact words, but that is what the passage meant. It is true, I believe. For every person that is not involved the way that I would have liked them to be, I have been abundantly blessed in return by the presence of people who are givers. Full of strength, patience and just plain love.
The Love of Jesus.

I pray everyday that I am giving to them as much as they are giving to me and my children. I hope they walk away from me being uplifted, encouraged and loved. I pray that I do enough, say enough and love enough to give back even a portion of what they all give to me.
Please Lord, give me that kind of heart.
* Nora is finally NOT wearing a diaper to bed and NOT peeing through the night.
She's so big:(
* I think we have officially picked baby names, but will not be revealing them until we find out the gender in a couple of weeks.
* I have a huge crush on my husband. Like a HUGE one.
* Still craving sausage biscuits. Like all day. Sounds gross, but tastes yummmm
Do you read McMama's blog?
She currently has 4 kids under the age of 5.
....and just revealed she is pregnant again!
Check her out!


Sarah said...

glad you had such a great time!! i too read MckMama's blog and I am in such awe that she is pregnant with her 5th. i told johnny about it and he was very clear when he said 'don't be getting any ideas' haha. we'll see!

Tiffany said...

This was so sweet and heartfelt. I am always so encouraged by the way you notice your blessings. That is huge. Have a blessed day my dear bloggy friend!