Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

This is what we woke up to today!
A gorgeous, large blanket of snow that is still falling!
Snow has always been precious to me. It reminds me of the cleansing that our Father gave...
and continues to give.

And although there is no one driving down our road, and the world seems quiet and still...
I am thankful.
Maybe this is just what we need.
Thank you all for your encouraging words, helpful tips and advice concerning Nora. Yesterday was a slightly better day. Bed time has been going beautifully for 2 nights so I am excited about that. I have to agree with Kalli. I believe that most of Nora's behavior is stemming simply from the fact that when she wants something-she wants it, and she wants it a specific way. Sometimes that is ok. Sometimes I can be a "yes mom" and compromise. Other times, her request is unacceptable and the breakdown occurs. It's part of parenting, I understand and I am pleased, overall, with my ability to remain in control. And focused.

Although it is challenging, I know that these children are not like most. I am the strongest, most opinionated person that I know. Why would they be any different? I am verbal, vocal, sometimes manipulating and downright aggressive at times. Although these can be characterized as faults or flaws in my behavior to some, they have also been some of my greatest attributes in life. I do not want to hinder or change Nora's personality or even her behavior. I do want to help her nurture it into a healthy way of coping. I want to nurture her personality in order to enhance it, while also correcting the behavior that is simply not ok.

Thank you for pointing out that something dramatic has occurred in our lives. I realize that the pregnancy could have been playing a part in Nora's sudden fits, but considering they started over the course of the last 4 days, I ruled it out. I am 11 weeks and have been very careful how we talk to the kids about the baby since the beginning. Nora seems to be the most interested and excited, but only mentioning it every now and then. What I meant by my statement that nothing had occurred to trigger these fits was that nothing 'on or around' the day they started had changed. Of course, I know we will probably deal with some sibling issues as my tummy grows and the baby arrives, but in the mean time we are being very diligent in our prayers over the redheads to ensure that God is giving them peace and understanding about their brother or sister being born.

So as you can see from the pictures above, it warmed up here. Just a little...but enough to produce this massive amount of gorgeous snow. The mailman still has to walk in it, but he may enjoy it today. Honestly, as hard as it is--who couldn't enjoy the beauty of our God today? Simple. Elegant. Graceful.

Daniel and I started these new Bible reading plans on YouVersion.
It's incredibly easy and convenient! You just sign up, look through the different reading plans, choose one, and every day the site pulls up your reading for that day. They have "Bible in a year" plans, psalm plans, proverbs plans, etc. I chose a yearly plan. Daniel chose one that gives him just a few verses a day. Both work for us! Of course, I would realistically prefer to sit down with my Bible and read the scriptures for that particular day, but sometimes it is just easier to read it while I'm sitting here drinking my coffee first thing in the morning. Either way is fine, as long as I am committed to feeding myself somehow that day.
You should check it out! Let me know what you think!!!

And now I do believe I will take the kids out in the snow to play. We need a break from the confines of this matter how cold it may be!!! I'm way excited to see them playing. Have a blessed day, friends.


Sarah said...

LOVE the pictures of the snow. I hope you have a blast playing in it!!

Kalli said...

We just got in from playing in the snow. Freezing. Zach had a stroke anytime snow even touched him and brushed it off, haha. Hope you guys have fun!