Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowman Family.

Daddy has been so blessed to have this week off! He too Braden to Menards this morning for a little guy time and spent the afternoon outside with Nora yesterday building a beautiful masterpiece! Can you tell she's a little thrilled?
A few minutes later I looked outside again and saw this in our yard!
A perfect resemblance of our perfect little family...
Daddy even has a guitar...
...And mommy is with child;)
It was so beautiful to look outside and see Nora and her daddy spending some good quality time together. I know he really enjoyed it and these are the memories that she will cherish even as an adult. It was a great day and they soaked it up!
Today in the van-
Nora: "Mom, you know my butt's too big to ride those horsies?"
Me: (laughing hysterically) "No, it's not baby. What horses?"
Nora: "My butt IS big. Just like yours."
I have been extremely needy lately. Emotionally I feel like I can never see Daniel enough. This week has been wonderful having him home. I'm feeling more like myself again and have alot of energy. We're gonna go to dinner tonight and just try to spend a couple hours talking. I just feel like computers, TV's, cell phones, and busy work take the place of quality time that we could be connecting lately. Do you feel that way with the people you love?
I have a couple neat ideas for you that may help you reconnect. I'll be sharing them soon!

Enjoy each other.
Enjoy this weekend.
After all, these are the days of quiet. The days of God.
Does it feel like it?
* Will you ask God to wrap his arms around my friend's Felicia and Alex? Their baby girl, Bella, is at the hospital undergoing some tests even as I write. She has a rash and a fever and will not eat. She is 8 weeks old and the Dr's think it could be meningitis. Daniel & I prayed together this afternoon that all of her tests would come back normal and that they wouldn't have to do anything more invasive. Please join us in this plea for sweet Bella.

* Can you also keep in your prayers a sweet girl named Marli? My friend Kalli wrote to me a couple of nights ago asking that I pray over her sister's daughter. The Dr's and nurses that are working with Marli need extreme wisdom from God and of course we need God to intervene in a mighty way for this little girl!! I don't know all of the details, but our Lord does.

Thank you for interceding for these precious babes. It is important that we bind together for those who need a touch from God. The Bible says to pray continuously. Help me to do that this weekend and let's give God the glory for all that He is and will always be! I'll keep you updated and I love you all more than you know!


Sarah said...

Looks like they had a blast in the snow! I can't believe there is still that much on the ground. My mom had meningitis (sp?) in September and it was by far the scariest time in my life. I will pray daily for Bella and I can only hope that she makes a quick recovery. I hope everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy...can't wait to see what you are having! xoxo

brandy said...

I really love your snowman family I mean absolutely adorable!! Praying for you all lately you've been on my heart as I see your christmas picture on our fridge! We will pray and stand in agreement for your friend and their precious children! Looking forward to hearing the good news of healing to their little bodies!! :-)

Kalli said...

Thank you Ramee-I didn't realize you putting it here, but it is so appreciated.
Just found out her lungs and heart are clear. The only fears/concerns now center around her kidneys and nourishment/hydration issues and the possibility of having NF1. She doesn't have all the indications yet but they can't clear her for it until she is 10. When I emailed you I wasn't sure what it was called.

Thank you. And so happy to see you guys had such a good time with Daniel's time off!

Firecracker said...

when i'm expecting, i'm sure that's something that my husband will do too with the snowman, look slike something he'd make to a t! but then again, he is from clinton too! :)