Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday prayers.

Wont you join me in prayer??
Nora puked in the van today after crying for over an hour. Really, she was throwing a fit and I'm convinced that she got herself so worked up that she eventually threw up. Nevertheless, she did it and I hate seeing her sick.

Heidi has puked three times already this morning as well. Not sure why, but I don't like sick puppies:(

My sister has a broken heart.
She needs to be wrapped in our arms of love. I appreciate it greatly.

My friend Jennifer is having her baby in a few short weeks. I can tell she is anxious. Peace is a wonderful gift that she deserves...

My friend Danielle needs prayers of strength and wisdom.

Thank you all for loving me enough to go before our Lord and join me in prayer for those I love and care about. As always, you can email me with any prayer requests that you want posted on my blog or any that you want me to pray over privately. I always enjoy interceding on your behalf! We are a family, after all.
I appreciate your love in my life.

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Tiffany said...

I will be praying, and I so do appreciate your prayers over my family - thank you.