Saturday, February 13, 2010


Tomorrow is a special day.
However, it is not a day that holds any biblical grounds at all.
We don't have this day to celebrate the birth of our King or His resurrection.
The world created this day.
I still believe that as a Christian this day should be most important to us.
After all, anytime we celebrate a day of Love, we should celebrate He who is love.
And, may I add, that the Lord created the world.
I find it ironic--the fact that unbelievers want to celebrate 'love' when the Bible clearly tells us that God IS love.

Jesus doesn't resemble love.
He doesn't describe it.
He is love.
Living, breathing, dwelling.
When we have been given the gift of salvation by God and we have received it, we can then fully experience the depths of this word they call love.

Tonight Daniel and I are going away for the first time since having children.
We are going to use this time to reconnect spiritually. In fact, I just talked to my husband on the phone and he said to me, "I want to spend tonight in the Word with you. This seems like the perfect opportunity to spend time praying and seeking God together."
And he is so right.
My husband is a good man. He resembles to me what Jesus is to the church.
Our marriage is strong and I can honestly say that I love this man.
However, I came to the conclusion a couple of months ago that if I am not fully connected with my husband, everyone will suffer. Our marriage is vital for this home. For our children.
A good, strong, connected marriage makes for happy and healthy kids.

I have always said that in my life things need to fall in a particular sequence in order for things to run smoothly and correctly.

Do I mean that I put my husband above my children or that I strive to love him more?
Absolutely not. Because in most cases, that is the furthest thing from the truth. However, I know what is right according to the Word of God and I am determined to always show my children that this marriage is worth time away together, date nights and long talks. It is worth staying connected so that we can be the best parents to our children. They deserve the very best of us; together.

So what are you doing this Valentine's Day?
Are you celebrating your love for Jesus as much as you are the loved ones in your life?

"Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away."
Song of Solomon 8:7

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