Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I'm Loving...

There are a few things that are on the top of my "favorites list" right now.

At 1o pm, when the house is quiet and still, my belly is cryin out for some chips and dip.
So of course, I oblige.
Ashley and I went to "The Loft" for lunch a couple of weeks ago and ever since we went, I have been craving lemonade. In fact, as I type this, Daniel should be receiving my text, asking him to bring me home one after work:)
With Braden, I craved McDonald's #10 every night at 9 pm. Faithfully. Thus ending my pregnancy in gestational diabetes from all of the weight I gained in those first few months. This time around, I am craving Jimmy John's sandwiches and am so beyond thankful that they deliver. It's pretty much making my life at lunchtime!!!

I'm currently thankful for and loving the infamous pregnant woman rubber band trick. Still in my jeans, but not for long. I keep talking to them as they get up around my waist, "Size 4's, don't fail me now..."
Our new (old) wood burning stove is making a huge difference in our once freezing cold living room. Although I have to go out in the garage every hour to load it with more wood, I am actually enjoying the extra chore. I feel so rustic.
A few books that I'm super excited to start reading:
who doesnt want to know why she stayed?
One of my new favorite shows of all time? The Good Wife! So So good!
And, although this movie is rated R for some violence and language, I must admit that we watched and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, aside from the fact that we lived the military life and understood so much of the movie based on that, it was just really different from any other war movie of our time. We weren't offended by the language or content, because...again, we lived it at one point. We are Christians who still live in the world. It's just a fact.
Tonight I have Bible study and at 7, we are attending our first "young adult" gathering at the church. I'm hoping to be able to give some good opinions and ideas for future meetings. The kids and I have had an ok couple of days. I feel like we do the same thing day after day. I have a couple baby showers to attend on Saturday and am super excited that so many of my friends are having babies at the same time that I am. Other than that, I am trying to sit back, be still and listen to the voice of God lately. Daniel and I are feeling quickened to a couple new things in our lives but still need to pray over them and chew on them a bit more before any decisions are made.

This morning, as I was checking my email and such, Braden (from behind me) says,
"Mom, poop!"
Thinking he had pooped, I simply replied "Ok, I'll change you in a second buddy."
He says, "Poop! Look mom!"
I turn around to see him holding Heidi's poop.
Not sure why the dog still poops in the house OR while my son thinks it's ok to pick it up.
But...believe it or not, that seemed like a typical moment in my life.

Nora was saying some random words to her dad the other night. Finally he said, "Nora I don't speak Chinese, babe." Nora quickly said, "But I speak Chinese!"
uh huh.

Nora laid her head on my belly while giving me a passing hug the other night. Only she didnt quickly pass. She stopped, felt my tummy, looked up at me and said, "Your belly's getting big mom?"
Why yes it is, baby.

Have a good evening! I pray you will find rest. Daniel has the day off tomorrow (hopefully) and I have some things I need to do outside of this house! All in all, things are still slow and easy around our home and even though I sometimes rush the days with my words, I secretly love this precious time with my children and husband. It's winter days that bring about growth, only sometimes we don't see it until months later. So...I'm trying to remember that and embrace it for all it is. Right now.


Jackelyn said...

I loved The Hurt Locker!

Tiffany said...

I love your posts! I am so excited when you have a new one. You seem to be doing/feeling better. I have been praying! And you and your skinny size 4 jeans - sheesh! Just kidding! I hope you have a blessed evening.Oh, I love me some chips and dip - a HUGE weakness!!

Kalli said...

Thank you for the JJ's craving. I have been home since June and have not had any! It's heartbreaking, I know-the closest one is at least half hour away.

Anonymous said...

I am not pregant anymore but my new snack I love is cream cheese with Heinz Chili Sauce on top and dip it with Club Crackers! yummo! I had to switch to lower fat cream cheese because it was all i wanted!