Wednesday, March 3, 2010

19 weeks, Name Reveal & ChuckECheese!

There you have it! If our little girl truly enters the world as a little girl and doesn't surprise us yet again, her name will be Miss Mabel Audrine. We know that it will take a moment to swallow. It's a big name for a little girl. We understand. However, this name is special to our hearts and has unique and powerful meaning!
Mabel Audrine= Lovable, Noble Strength.

My great-granny's middle name is Audrine. It is a beautiful reminder of the strength that she has and the long, powerful life she continues to live! This name is, in part, an awesome tribute of our love for her! Granny is in her 90's and lives alone. She still does everything on her own. She is feisty, funny and loving. I am so thankful that she is here to share in this awesome time of our lives with us!

...and now, an overload of pictures!
We have had a very fun couple of days!

We took the kids to Chuck-E-cheese last night for their first time EVER! Katie and Adam's little guy, Jaden is turning 3 and they invited us to come and celebrate with them! It wasn't busy and our redheads had SO much fun! I will definitely look forward to taking them back. Although, daddy & I were worn out when we finally got home!
Nora had to bring her pony, as she always has to bring something wherever we go. Maybe it's her comfort thing, since she doesn't have a blanky like Braden?
Braden wanted to be the first brave boy to see Chuck-E-Cheese...
...but then Nora stepped up and said, "I'll show you bubby! He's so nice!"
...and then they both LOVED him! It was so sweet!
We ate pizza.
...took drink breaks...
(this is the birthday boy with his daddy...)
...We rode all the cool rides! stuck in the tunnel...
...excitedly found our way out...
...pretended to be cowgirls...
...and cowboys... pictures taken!
...danced our hearts out...

...And had the best time with the best friends!!!

Mommy & Daddy
Katie & I; Katie said that this picture tells a story...of how tired I look and feel:)
She's right!
I loved celebrating Jaden's birthday with our friends! 2 years ago in May is when the Lord brought our lives together. It seems surreal and yet it has been such a growing and learning journey! We could spend weeks apart and then all in one night, catch up and go on about life as if we've lived it together everyday. I children have great friends in their boys and I am so grateful to watch them grow and change as well! My life is so, incredibly blessed by this family; some of our closest friends. My heart connection with them is beyond anything I've ever known, and I'm so grateful!

So...take a few minutes, hours, or even days and let Mabel's name sink in for you. I promise it will grow on you. And if it doesn't, that's ok. We have loved it from day one and love it still.
...and I have never been one for taking opinions from others and letting it change my mind. We've already gotten lots of negative feedback and to be honest, it just makes me love it even more. It's so special and perfect for our little girl!
And I'm glad to finally share it.
Because you, my readers, are like family to us.
And we love you and appreciate your support and encouragement.
You bless our lives incredibly, and I hope you always feel that!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!

Gina said...

We got a lot of negative feedback on our last little girls name as well...I never understood how people could have such strong feelings about what other people name their kids...and to the people it does affect (like the grandparents) I say, "Before you know it you won't be able to imagine that little girl as anything but Mabel Audrine! Embrace it!" Congrats again on your sweet little GIRL! ;)

brandy said...

I LOVE the name and LOVE the meaning!!!!! I am si into name meanings and love hers! Can't wait to see pics of your lil loveable baby girl!! You look great btw! I'm so missing being prego after seeing your pics! I just love baby belly's!! So excited for you all!!!

Jackelyn said...

Oh Ramee, I'm so behind on your blog! I had no idea that you found out he was a she :)
I love the name it's so special! And you look stunning by the way

Tiffany said...

I really like her name - it is sweet and classic sounding. We got a lot of flack on the name Prescott - ah well, I like it. {grin} You really look great! I just adore your new cut!