Wednesday, March 10, 2010

20 weeks. [picture & update]

This week, I :
* Am feeling good.

* Am feeling the baby move early in the morning and late at night. This week has been the official "feel her outside of the belly" week! Daniel felt her last night before he fell asleep and it was pretty amazing, seeing as he missed those first kicks with Braden.

* Have gained close to 1 pound per week up until now. Right on track with what the Dr. wanted since I started out slightly under weight.
Starting weight: 110lbs.-- Current weight: 129 lbs.

* Have been exercising (walking) almost every day and yet I'm still consistently gaining. It is clearly what my body needs. Anyone who counted calories for as long as I did and then suddenly stopped would have gained weight--baby or no baby. I'm ok with that:)

* Am experiencing alot of leg pain (yes, still...)

* Have been taking the kids outside to play every second I get the chance!!!

* Am LOVING the "lemonades" girl scout cookies.

* Have been organizing closets in preparation for eventual painting and room changes!

* Feel less moody; more stable; extremely in love; thankful for the sunshine.
Thanks for reading our "love story."
I purposed myself awhile ago to look back into our romance and remember why it is I fell in love with this man that I now share life with. Of course I still love him; more than ever, in fact. But now it is for different reasons. It's because he's a wonderful father, a great provider and because I have amazing respect for him. However, when he walks in the door after a long day at work, I still cannot wait to kiss him and tell him how much I missed him. It's just that in the routine of life, it is nice to bring up the feelings that got us to this place in the beginning. Writing our story is helping me live those moments all over again. I am doing it, mostly for me, but am thankful that you are enjoying it-as so many of you have written to tell me you are!

This week I'm also having lots of guilty mommy feelings.
I think it's the winter days finally coming to a close. I'm so thankful!!! But, in the midst of it all, I feel like I'm not spending near enough time with the kids. I know I'm here with them all day but there is always busyness elsewhere that seems like it needs to be done. At the end of the day, I wonder, did I do enough today? And in my mind, I just keep thinking, "when spring gets here, I'll definitely feel better..."
We're just out of stuff to do in this house with one another! I'm so sick of cartoons I could puke and the kids are so tired of play-dough and color crayons they don't even ask anymore. It's a long overdue spring, that's for sure!!!

So you saw my picture of Nora loving on her sister that I posted yesterday. Here are a few more of my first born beauty from that same day...
Last night I thanked her for making me a mother. I can never express to her enough how precious she is to me for that reason, among so many. She is a great big sister to her "bubby" and will be just as great to Mabel. Her eyes tell a beautiful story and everyday I find myself amazed at her.
She is saying and doing things right now that are incredible! She says funny things, and serious things. Daniel told her the other night that she had so much faith and he was so proud of that. She always, without fail, talks about how Jesus healed her boo-boos and Jesus lives in her heart, not monsters. She is using her imagination like nothing I have ever witnessed, and I love how detailed her little mind has become.
She loves deeply and completely and is just the greatest joy to my heart.
So, overall, things are great here! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to mark my "half-way" in this pregnancy. What a journey it is! Thanks for enjoying it all with us.
We love you all.
Oh, and if you have questions--always feel free to comment or email me!
I have loved hearing from a few of you this week!


Rachel said...

okay you are ALL uterus haha. you look so so great rame! and it is so good to see that belly!! these are also some of my favorite pictures ever of me, she still looks like such a little baby nora!

Ashleigh said...

You look so cute. Just perfect really!!

Nora looks so much like Daniel in the first picture. I guess I have never noticed how much she looks like him since the red hair screams "I look like my Mom". She is a beauty for sure :)

brandy said...

Awe.... I LOVED the belly picture! You are definetly ALL belly and you look awesome! And I loved the picture of your sweet Nora! She's growing like crazy! Seems like just yesterday I started reading your blog and she was a wee one! :-) Hope you have an awesome week! And I too am SO ready for spring... I think just as much as my kiddos!

Unknown said...

I just loved reading your love story! I read it each day, because you always left a cliff hanger!! I have two little redheads and just love reading your blog!

Tiffany said...

Ramee - your frame is so tiny _ I cannot get over it. You have a prefect baby belly. So glad she is snug in there and growing well. You are radiant. And that little Nora of yours - oh my!! She is just precious.

Unknown said...

Precious Moments.... your time with your babies are what make up those precious moments. I just saw your name on FB and thought, I'm going to check her blog. Your words are encouraging, Ramee. I think you really have a gift of encouragement.
I'm a mom to three in three years too. They're 13, 11 and 10 now and God is so good to us. The relationships that are built within the family unit are amazing. It is a huge privelege to be "Mom". You are so very right!