Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a beautiful wake up.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed. Like I had just spent a full day out in the sun, was exhausted from the beams and woke from a glorious night of non-interrupted sleep. I woke up feeling like I was in a freshly painted, newly decorated corner of paradise.
I pulled the covers up to my chin, stretched and looked down at my sleeping redhead on the floor who was, by then, looking back up at me. I felt the breeze blow in through the window and I felt at peace.
I knew Daddy was home from work and was sleeping with our little guy, so I took in the goodness of the moment. You see, we switched bedrooms a few months back. We even painted that new room a beautiful, deep red color. It was calming and lovely but it never felt quite like my room. I begged and begged for nights on end to move our furniture back into our old room, to no avail.
But with the coming of a new babe, and a nursery to be made, I got my way. The mailman is going to be having a little bit more time off in the coming weeks so while I have his help, we decided to get the rooms in order before I get too far into this pregnancy and don't feel like doing much of anything. So we painted our 'old' new room a gorgeous country orange (that looks more pumpkin in these pictures...)
...and now I feel like I am in Heaven. This room exudes Ramee-ness. When I woke up this morning, it's like the walls were speaking to me.
"Get up and make fresh salsa."
"Enjoy the sunshine."
"Plant some flowers!"
"Get up and make fresh salsa."
Granted, I know it's just spring and so I'm just feeling like doing those things anyway, but I couldn't help but smell the fresh air and giggle to myself in excitement. This room is mine again. I felt at home. It is gorgeous.
We plan on painting the rest of the room, but since it is giant, we are in no hurry. Especially just knowing how pretty it looks right now.
Now onto Mabel's room!
Speaking of Mabel, we have a Dr's appointment today! Can't wait to see her!
Last night Nora hurt her pinky toe. She was bleeding and crying. It was terribly sad. Daddy was fixing her up with hugs and a band-aid but when I took her and loved her, she became so soft and sad. I said, "Nora Jesus is going to heal your toe baby."
She looked up at me and for the first time ever, said, "
"You think so?" through her tears.
It was priceless. I teared up. Then daddy & I prayed with her. And all was well.
She also brought me flowers that were growing in our yard yesterday. When I said thank you, she did a curtsy, bowing her head and said something to me in Chinese. It was awesome.

Last night Daniel went to worship practice at the church. I was hanging stuff and dusting while the kids played in Braden's room. I heard Nora say, "Dude, I can't fine the switch."
I laughed out loud.
With Braden it's not so much what he says as it is what he does, or how he looks. Like walking, for instance. He can't walk without falling. It's hilarious.
And randomly picking up my bra and wearing it. And loving it.
That's funny.
A few nights ago he said to me,
"Feel my Mabel," as he lifted his shirt and pushed out his belly.

My babies, An orange bedroom, Having the mailman home, and lots of
has made for a beautiful wake up today.

Thank you, Jesus.


andrealeighshannon said...

Haha, Silas tries to wear my bra all the time. He seems so proud walking out of my room with it on! Boys are so funny!

Rachel said...

Im just wondering if the picture of Braden up close is evidence of a chewed up binky from Heidi...juusttt wondering. haha