Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Pictures

My longest friend, Lindsay, works at Sears Portrait Studio and she gave me an awesome certificate for Christmas for some free photos.
Along with the free prints, we ordered even more because they all turned out so cute! The biggest prints (a 16x20 and a couple 10x13's) will not be in for a couple of days so I don't have copies of those. They are SUPER cute though and I can't wait to frame and hang them!!!
Here are some pictures of the pictures we got tonight. Not great quality, but you get the gist--

We said, "Bubby show us how to be cute..."
We ordered this one in black & white for one of the 10x13 prints. It's WAY cute and although you can't tell a whole lot in this picture, I DO in fact have a belly:)
We have bare feet in this picture & again, you can see my belly but because it's just a picture of the actual photo it isn't great here.
This is the one we ordered in the 16 x 20!
I'll be sure to post photos of our wall when all the big pictures come in next week! Nora & Braden did so good tonight. It actually makes me sad to see them looking so big. This will probably be our last photo shoot before Mabel arrives! It gets more real and more exciting every day just knowing that our family is growing--
All be the grace of God!


Ashleigh said...

Oh! I love the last one. Can you believe that we have yet to have family pics done? Ugg. The last time we had professional pics done was for Kaylee's first birthday. We are for surely getting some done this summer. Thanks for always sharing yours!

Rachel said...

OHHH I LOVE them! The kids look like they cooperated SO well! Please send us one if you get extras at some point. My favorite is the one of brother on Daniel's shoulder and Nora's hand on your belly... SOOO GORGEOUS! They turned out way good.

Natalie said...

Braden looks so big in those pictures! I haven't seen him in person for a while, so I am sure he is bigger than what I remember. Very cute pictures.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

Oh my, two redheads--how adorable! Found your blog through another and just had to comment! I have 4 and wished for a redhead (it is on both sides) but it didn't happen....

Tiffany said...

These are amazing! God has truly blessed you with a beautiful family!