Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nan

Today is Nanny's birthday.
And she is celebrating in Heaven with her King!
This day is hard for me. Everyday without her is hard for me but today is especially hard. I know it is the most difficult for my mom as well. I can't help but think about how we would spend this day celebrating this woman, who I adored with my whole heart. I long for her touch and for her voice. I look at my children and my heart breaks, knowing that she never got to hold them, smell them, interact with them. She would adore these redheads!

When I look at Nora, I see my Nanny through and through. Her eyes say it all. That squint. That look.
She was so beautiful, even as a little girl. She had the prettiest hands, the cutest nose and the most amazing freckles. She kept her hair styled, and didn't wear make up. She loved Diet Coke as much as I love Dr. Pepper and I talked to her many times a day, usually seeing her just as much!

She was deeply honest, and loved with everything in her entire being. She laughed this incredible laugh that I can still hear today. I can't help but wish that she was going to walk in this house and light it up with talk and laughter--but only for a few minutes, because she wouldn't stay long. I know she would be incredibly proud of me. She knew that I was pregnant with Nora but went to Heaven before she was able to see her. She would love watching me be a mother! Her opinion mattered so deeply to me, and she knew it, so she worked very hard to encourage and reassure me in my decisions. Nanny lived her life with integrity and conviction. She had hard decisions to make, but she made them and often suffered because of it. She endured so much pain but lived life showing nothing but grace. She was absolutely beautiful and I miss her so so much.

Happy Birthday, Nan!
I'm celebrating you today.
You Are My Sunshine♥


Anonymous said...

Praying for peace and happiness for you today Ramee. I know the pain of missing a loved one every day. A very happy birthday to your Nan.

There's an award for you over on my blog! I hope you'll take a minute to go check it out! :)

Gina said...

Hey! I have an award for you too! I've very much enjoyed following your blog over the last couple of months.