Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday, Friends.
Is yours a lazy one? A restful one?
We have had a great day! Church was amazing as we began this Easter week with great celebration. The children marched in with palms and sang beautiful songs to the Lord! Nora has been going to Children's Church for quite some time now so she was able to sing today as well. She did great! And looked so big...

Notice her daddy in the background...
he is smitten
We have had a great weekend overall. Lindsay's baby shower was such a fun time. I have plenty of pictures to share and will...tomorrow. I'm spending the rest of this afternoon resting with my loves. Watching movies, snuggling and being still.
Sometimes, it's just about being still--you can feel Jesus that way [did you know?]

...and just because I forgot on Wednesday and I know you're all just dying to see my ever growing Mabel girl...
((And before you comment on any of it-
YES, I have a pit stain. I was working hard at Lindsay's shower and sweating, as always.
YES, I have a rip in my maternity jeans. That was simply from pulling them up too aggressively.
again, awesome.
NO, I have no shame:))

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