Monday, March 15, 2010

I was up late messing with my blog. I wanted something new but can't say I'm completely in awe of the design-just yet. It was relaxing and enjoyable, though, to sit on the couch and focus on something other than chasing babies for awhile. Their dad did that. And I believe he said something like this when it was all over:
"I feel like all I've done is chase all day..."
hmmm. Interesting.

As I sit here this morning I have a sharp pain in my lower right tummy. Growing pains, maybe? The baby is moving and kicking so I'm not concerned as far as she goes. But it does hurt!

Also as I sit here this morning, Heidi is running from window to window (we have four in the living room) growling and barking like it's her job. There are ground squirrels everywhere right now and she just cannot handle it. I bought her a new spring collar, but she escaped a couple days ago by wiggling out of it and off of her leash. My mom and I had to sort of chase her. Then my mom got frustrated at me and told me I can't bend and twist my body like that anymore. The problem with Heidi is, she is the size of a squirrel, with about the same size brains as a squirrel. Therefore I'm pretty scared that she'll get hit by a car right in front of our house and traumatize all of us. Speaking of Heidi, she's put on a couple pounds alongside me during this pregnancy. It's quite precious that she is becoming the typical fat wiener dog. But, she's still peeing and pooping in the toy room which is not precious. It makes me scream "I hate you!" multiple times daily.
It's unhealthy.

Nora is entertaining us all lately with her new little attitude. It seems she has a new one every other day, but lately she is just to grown up. Unless you hear me say it and then hear the way she repeats it, you may not find this funny. However, I belly laughed for 10 minutes after it happened and then again later just thinking about it...
When something doesn't go as planned, I often say "Ohhhh-K" in an annoyed and frustrated kind of way. So naturally, since Nora is the little version of myself, she started doing the same.
The other night she was on the coffee table and before we could even tell her to get down, she fell. Hard. She laid on the floor and we both waited to see if she'd laugh or cry. She was face down and all was still and quiet. It was as if we were in slow motion. All of the sudden, with her head in the carpet, we hear her say, "Ohhhh-k?!"

So a couple times since then, like when we were making brownies and she busted the egg ALL over the counter, she has said, "Ohhhh-k....that wasn't 'posed to happen."
She's so funny and I never want to forget how she has been talking lately.
She told me yesterday that "Jesus is the only God."
Thank you, Lord!

As far as Braden goes, he is basically still talking all the time, without fail. His mouth never stops moving and the sound of his voice is constantly being heard through the house. It's exhausting and overwhelming at times, but he is just so smart that I can't help but love hearing him speak. Of course daddy thinks he'll be a great preacher someday. We know he will!

My sister and Daniel both are not feeling well today. Could you pray for them? I hope you all have a blessed day! Tonight is 'Ladies Night Out' at the church. We're having dinner and a movie so I'm excited to be able to do that. I may update later with some of my most recent favorite things. Then again, maybe not.
Laundry to do. Floors to clean. Babies to love. Life to live!
Love you all.


The Redhead Riter said...

Lovely post. Hope you are feeling better soon. Another baby is so exciting!

Sarah said...

omg...i LOOOVE the new layout. so jealous!! :) you may have just made me want to change mine up... hehe.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE the new look. It is perfect. For real. I just saw on twitter about your pain, and I am praying for you. Cadi said something really cute yesterday. This is kind of embarrassing, but I am going to tell you anyway! I was getting ready for church, but I was finding my pants a bit too snug. (Unfortunately the stress of the past few months has gotten to my thighs and butt.I am working hard on it, though! Pray for me??) Anyway, a trick I learned in college is to take VCR tapes and stick them inside your pants (while wearing them) to stretch them out a bit. Works like a charm! {blush} Well, Cadi happened to walk in my bedroom as I was sticking the fourth tape into my pants. She looks at me, turns around starts to walk out then turns around again and says "good luck with that"!!! I laughed so hard. Where in the world does she get this stuff? Your Nora and my Cadi would be quite the pair! {wink}

Anonymous said...

I really like the new design Ramee! And I loved that story about Nora!

Melissa said...

LOL! This post definitely had me chuckling. I can just picture you and your dog and your little ones.... I have 3 of my own, so I know just how it is!