Thursday, March 4, 2010

in the midst of the messy...

Sometimes it's all a little messy.
Our attitudes, our parenting, our marriage, our friendships, our walk, our growth.
Sometimes it all gets a little out of line with how we desire it to be.

And that is ok.
Because life is sometimes messy.
Dirty, Raw, Harsh, Painful, Deep.
Life was never supposed to be filled with such suffering as we sometimes endure. Such strong pain that it is overwhelming. But man is eager and impatient and therefore sinful. So incredibly sinful.

And love is sometimes messy.
Hurtful, Unforgiving, Dishonest, Manipulative.
Love was never intended to be these things, I believe. But we are fleshly, and pitiful in our struggle to find the eloquence of that which love is intended for. It is quite simple, in reality. But we just can't always grasp it. It slowly slips away in our attempts.

And that is ok too.
Because we serve a God of grace, compassion and mercy.
He is Love.
We are not...
...and that is why.

We, like many of you, are in the baby-raising years. The child-rearing, no time for one another, poop between the fingers, fractured and frustrated years. I know that as a mother you are feeling drained and overwhelmed by the lack of sunshine and the lack of intimacy; in your marriage, friendships, and in your spirit. Are you not?

I know you are tired of the same routine of laundry, dishes, sippy cups, diapers, dirty faces, yelling voices, over-dusting, vacuum running, constant arguing, and far too little time for yourself. I am sure you are frustrated in the lack of time spent with God in the midst of the everyday chores and challenges.

But I am here to tell you-
Do not be discouraged!
He is in the midst.
The Lord has called you for these baby-raising years! He has called you for the chaos. He has not left you and in fact, you are honoring Him in your everyday.
Making a homemade dinner.
Folding clean, warm laundry.
Fixing snacks and cleaning up spills.
Disciplining or your lack thereof.
Breakdowns and Pick-me-Ups.
Marriage moments
[or lack thereof].
He is part of it all. And He is proud of you.

Even in your frustration and selfish attitudes, He is there. Drawing near to you and encouraging your journey as a joyful mother, and housewife. You are not alone.
...even if you feel lonely...
...even if you feel unappreciated...
...even if you feel unloved; unimportant...
...even if you feel tired...
He is there.
In your child's hug, your husband's smile, your kitchen's aroma.
He is there.

"...She looks for wool and flax and works with her hands in delight..."
Proverbs 31 10:13

Are you looking for a moment of encouragement today? The only way to find it and to truly have your head lifted is by the Word. Maybe spend a few minutes reading all of Proverbs 31 and think about the ways God is using you! I pray you would get what the Lord is trying to speak to your heart, in spite of my sloppy words. Just hear my heart today, friends. You are not alone. Many of us feel the same way that you do and I believe the Lord is quickening our hearts for a refreshing.
Let's drink Him in today!

Feel free to email me or leave a comment and share some of your everyday frustrations. I would love to encourage you or pray for you! Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Dan and Alenna said...

Beautiful reminder! (I love all the red hair... wish my kids had the red hair too!)

brandy said...

Another encouraging post! Thank you!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Ramee. Our heart beats so much in the same rhythm. Praying for you.

Firecracker said...

My discouragers are dealing with trying to conceive.
I'm trying to be like Abraham and Sarai, but definitely don't want to get as old as they are when I have my first! Hoepfully with me going to a specialist this month, the endocronologist will bring me breakthrough with any new medicine that I can try.
Please pray for me!