Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My little tigers.

Nora and I did a craft.
It was an Easter Bunny with googly eyes, a fluffy cotton ball tale. It is holding an Easter egg and he is sitting in grass with 2 signs (that are hooked to colored Popsicle sticks) that say, "Happy Easter. Love, Nora."
It was fun and she was so proud. It is hanging in our entryway.
Then bub woke up and he wanted to color too. I should have known better. They became the craft.
Tigers, to be exact.

With Easter quickly approaching, I am feeling extremely quickened to find ways to teach our children about why we celebrate this most special day! I believe it is the single most important day we can focus on as believers. It is because of Jesus' death and resurrection that we have a hope of eternity in Heaven. If it wasn't for this event in the life of Jesus, we would be hopeless and lost. It is such a gift.

...yet it saddens me so deeply that so many people still walk through this life hopeless and lost when they do not have to. He made a way for you not to!
All around me, I am also seeing those who are coming to the knowledge of Jesus and who are developing great relationships with Him. It excites me! They are stepping out of 'religion' and their eyes are being opened to the living God. There is a difference. Do you know?
Church & God are not one in the same. And it is neat to see women who have been idols of a 'church' and it's doctrine turn around and serve a God who is alive and manifesting in their lives! This surely is a great time of celebration!!!

When telling our young children about Jesus, we will not water down the scriptures regarding his death. From the moment they were born we have prayed that when they hear the Word of God, they would have understanding. Although it is deep and raw and intense, Jesus' death was not something to be taken lightly and we never intend for the children to misinterpret it. It is a moment in our lives that represents our salvation and we want our kids to understand the intensity and importance of that.

We are having Easter dinner at our house this year. We will attend church, I will cook, and we will have an Easter egg hunt. But we will also speak greatly about our Lord. The one who went to that cross, gave up His life, and conquered the grave 3 days later.

Yes, you see...our God is not dead. He is not in the same category as Buddha, Allah, the 'saints' or any other "God" that man worships and has put before the Savior (which scripture clearly tells us is wrong in Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me."-no room for confusion).
Our God is alive!
He is risen. And it is a great and powerful thing to step out in faith into a relationship with Him. Do you have that relationship today? He is my best friend and I am so grateful to have one day a year when we can focus solely on celebrating his resurrection and the hope that He has given to us. It excites me and my spirit stirs!

What will you be doing to celebrate Easter?
How do you teach your young children about this special day?
Do you not understand this relationship I'm writing about?? Please email me! rameelin@mail.com
I'd love to talk to you more about Jesus!!!

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Tiffany said...

Ramee - you are such a blessing, such an encouragement!! We will do much the same in our home. You are right it is so vital that our children be raised in the TRUTH!! Have you heard of resurrection eggs? This is one way we share Jesus' story with our children at Easter. I know of a family who actually completely separates Easter eggs and baskets from Easter as to really focus on Christ's death and resurrection on Easter. They have Spring baskets and a spring egg hunt on the first day of spring. I think I would like to revisit this idea again. Hmmm.