Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nora's first dance class.

It's very weird for me to be writing about my baby's first dance class. But here we are, and I am writing about it. It's surreal and slightly sad for me. But, she is growing up and she is blossoming into quite a lovely young lady. Thursday nights at our YMCA, one of my mom's good friends is teaching a beginning dance class. It is just 30 minutes long (perfect for 3 year olds!) and Nora loved it! She did so well and wasn't nervous or shy at all, like I thought she might be. She was actually rather spunky.

She got all dressed in her tights and dance leotard and was ready for action. And boy, was she proud of herself!
I love this picture. Both of the other little girls are looking at her thinking, "her hair is so red!" Get used to it, baby.
Ballerina in the making-
And while the other 3 year old's were interested in the 5 year old who seemed to know much more than they did...Nora paid no attention. She was in her own little world. It was awesome.
My mom was teaching her weight lifting class, but Aunt Jeni, myself, Daddy & brother were all on the sidelines encouraging our big, dancing girl. Daddy beamed the entire class. He's got a thing for red-headed girls, ya know;)
Bubby just wished he could have been tip-toeing right alongside her.
Maybe next time, buddy.


Ashleigh said...

Cute!!! I need to get Kaylee into something.

brandy said...

How fun!!!! The look on your husbands face is priceless!! :-) You can tell he is SO proud of his baby girl!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness!!!! ADORABLE!!

Mrs. R said...

Love it!! The picture of Daniel and Braden cracks me up....Daniel looks so proud and Braden's face is priceless!!! Miss Nora is growing up.♥