Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Pick Crib Bedding

So after much talking, here's the rundown on the room situation.
I'm wanting to get everything done and situated before summer, so in my thinking I decided the best thing to do was make our newly painted red room, Mabel's room. So like I mentioned (and showed you) a few days ago, we moved our bedroom back to the guest room. Mabel's room is at the front of the hall but since she will be in a bassinet in our room for a good while anyway, I think it will work out just fine. Plus we can put the futon in her room in case one of us does need to sleep in there with her. Or if we have guests, they can still sleep in that room.

So the trouble is, I want to make less work for us. We decided to leave the room painted it's deep red. Non-traditional for a babies room, but I think I can make it work. Here's the wall color, remember?
And here are a few pictures of bedding that I like that I think could work well in her room. With all of the sets come matching valances, pillows, wall hangings or something a little extra to add. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Set #1
(most expensive of course-but my FAVORITE!!!)
If I do go with Set #1, I also want to purchase this beauty to go on the wall beside her crib. Oh, It would be splendid. Again..expensive, but splendid;)
Set #2
( I honestly don't like it much, but thought I could make it really cute in the red room.)

Set #3
(one of the first ones I found that had red in it. It also puts my mind at ease with the "just in case" she is a he on delivery day;)
Set #4
(We did Nora's room in ladybugs at first, so I'm not HUGE on the idea, but it is cute and although there is pink, it may just work in some odd way...)

Set #5
(I like the quilt look, but this is my least favorite. Although, it may brighten up the room a bit!)

So there are my finds. If you're bored and feel like searching for more share! Thanks for any input. This is such a fun time!

Today is Rachel's baby shower in Maryland. Obviously I won't be there which is beyond depressing but I do have a special gift up my sleeve that I hope to get ready and sent soon. I miss her more than anything and wish I could be with her to celebrate Harper today.

But I'll be busy with babies on my end of the country today too. My 'oldest friend' Lindsay is due to have her baby girl, Chloe, in just a few short weeks. We are having a shower at my house to celebrate today. There will be cake, kids,games, presents and yet another surprise by me. I'm excited to see my friends and enjoy their company. This is such a neat time in my life. Sharing in the beginning of new life with my greatest friends. All around me, God is pouring out the blessing of opportunity. These precious babies are perfectly formed and when I see them, I know it is our responsibility to pour into their lives. I pray that I can shine the love of Jesus and that they will all receive from me exactly what they need as they grow. What awesome gifts we have in these babies!!!
Pictures to come!
Happy Saturday!


Kalli said...

I absolutely love the first one, and my 2nd favorite for that room is the last one. I always love the most expensive ones. I have been searching for bedding for the kids and somehow ended up on pottery barn (having never been in their store). I about cried-I found one for Ry that was perfect...and also 300 bucks, haha. I'm going for quilts regardless because they hold up better and we wash bedding a lot (I haven't had much luck).
Also-did you know on etsy a lot of times people make prints/wall stickers/paintings to match different bedding sets? You may be able to find something like that tree on there cheaper-I've found great deals there. Good luck and happy hunting!

Rachel said...

I so love number 1!!! That one gets my vote, along with the cute little tree!

Tiffany said...

I do love number one, too, but for some reason I think I am most drawn to number two - it is so classic, and you could do sooo much with that look. I cannot wait to see your end result - it will be beautiful! Have a lovely Saturday dear bloggy friend of mine!

PS Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment on my last post.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

Sorry I accidentally published my comment twice! So I deleted the second. I also forgot to mention that Cadi's nursery was lady bugs, too!

Ashleigh said...

That first one is to die for. I love it!!!!

Shea Posey said...

I found this one, I just googled red crib bedding and this popped up. Very girly and pretty.

Sarah said...

#1!! #1!! #1!!

I would have bought that for Madelynn, but I got laughed at. haha. I loooove it and I think it will go perfectly with that color.

I've also been meaning to tell you that the more I think about the name Mabel, the more I love it. It's really growing on me!

Gina said...

My favorite is def. #4--the ladybug one...but if you ever came to my house you'd see how much I use greens, browns & reds in my decorating and this fits that pattern! I think the pink would be fine because it also has the red flowers that the walls would really accent. But if money isn't tight...get the one you really love. I am finally learning that sometimes it's really worth it in the long run to spend a little more and get what you really want rather than compromising due to cost & regretting it later. Just my two cents...

Meagann said...

I love all of your choices... one is super cute.
I have been on the hunt for some cute bedding myself, it's soooo hard to pick!
i'm getting very anxious to find out the sex of the baby!

anything you pick will be great though!

Jalen James said...

I really like the black and white and it would look awesome in the red room. is white and you just never know how long that will hold up in it's color. Soo... I think you should go with the 1st one!!!

Chrissy♥ said...

i have never ever ever, seen a cuter crib set, than number 1. I wish I could go back in time and pick that one, or I wish they made it for bigger girl beds! Absolutley adorable. I think you will be able to make any one of them work though! You have a really cute style of your own!!!!!!