Monday, March 22, 2010

Today has been a rough day. The kids were not bad, but I have felt so overwhelmed. Daniel got off early which was nice, but it just seemed like everything that went on involved yelling between children, yelling at children, and yelling at one another. Days like today exhaust me, but they do not break me. I understand that it is days like today that get me to the next wonderful one and so I make sure, in the midst of the madness, to still thank my Jesus for the opportunity to have these children and this marriage to sustain me. My life is so rich!
I did finally break down and had a good cry. Daniel held me and I felt a sweet release.
The kids are now in bed and the house is quiet.

So although there isn't much to say about our adventures today, the kids have been saying a few things of their own lately that have made us laugh harder than before--
Daniel brought Nora and Braden to church after we led worship last night and on the way there a Christian song came on that Nora liked. She said to Daniel,
"Now that's my kind of song!"
I took Nora out to run errands with me a few days ago and after we ate lunch, the cashier asked her if she would like a sucker. She took one and then gently went back asking,
"Could I please have one for my bubby?"
She went on to mention him at every stop we made. Precious.
Braden was playing outside tonight while Daniel was grilling our chicken. When I opened the window to say something to him, Braden ran over and started telling me how he was the "king of the jungle and will always be if you give me 5 dollars..."
huh? haha.

I'm sure there is more (there always is) but in the midst of my complete exhaustion, I just cannot think anymore. I'm going to indulge in some Double Stuff Oreo's and enjoy a little mindless TV. Tomorrow will be a beautiful and wonderful day...
...looking forward to it....