Thursday, March 25, 2010

We went to my 22 week appointment yesterday and all was well! The Dr. confirmed that Mabel is in fact, still a girl. We even saw a little clearer picture that put us both at ease. She has grown and it was so cute watching her wiggle her little fingers and toes. The Dr. said she has really long legs (Nora did and still does too, thanks to daddy!) and said that she weighs 1 pound! Pretty amazing seeing as to how I have gained 25:)

Here she is looking straight at the camera. Kind of creepy, but you can see her eyes and nose sockets... And here is a profile. She had both her hands and feet up at her face and was rubbing her cheeks with her fingers. It isn't very clear, but she also had a really pointy little nose. Thanks to Rache for pointing out that in yesterday's post Braden was using a binky that had been chewed up by Heidi. Of course he was, because she has gotten a hold of plenty. But do you think Braden cares? He's a boy. He doesnt care. And I dont care if he doesnt. Speaking of chewing up binkies-we haven't even been up an hour and the dog already destroyed one. Sweet. I had to laugh out loud when I went back and looked at the picture because clearly in years to come these will be the memories that would have been otherwise lost if not for my obsessive picture taking. I'm so thankful I take the time to do it.

My mom has been obsessed with this one gray squirrel since she first saw it a couple of weeks ago at the park near our house. She has been on me ever since, wanting me to keep my camera close by in case I happened to see him. She was amazed at how beautiful he was and said she had never seen one before. To be honest, I hadn't either or if I had, I just didn't pay attention. Yesterday she pulled up in our driveway and called me from her cell phone telling me to grab my camera and get outside! He was in our neighbors tree just sitting. He is beautiful!

It is raining here today and so the kids and I are doing absolutely nothing! Just staying in our Pj's, in the house and enjoying each other! Our bathroom ceiling is leaking upstairs and I'm concerned it may fall completely in. That would be pretty awesome. [sigh].

Do you have time to pray today? Rachel's cousin had a beautiful baby girl a couple of days ago who is now in open heart surgery. They need us to agree with them over the life of this baby today. Will you join me in prayer over McKinzey?


Rachel said...

Thank you for requesting prayers on McKenzie's behalf, we appreciate it so much Rame!! And that is seriously one of the prettiest squirrels I have seen haha.

Tiffany said...

I will pray.

Yay for sweet Mabel!!

Okay, okay - back up. Ramee, you have never seen a squirrel before? Did I misread this?! I am just laughing here - sorry!