Wednesday, April 14, 2010

25 weeks!

Week 25 started with yet another call from my primary Dr. letting me know that they would not see me due to my being pregnant.
Great guys. Thanks.
So I called my OB and talked with him personally about my tailbone. He said that he has dealt with many people who have chronic tailbone pain, that pregnancy enhances that pain and referred me to a chiropractor. I have an appointment for Monday.
As you can see, we are growing!
*I have gained a whopping pound since my last appointment, although you would think it was much more if you saw me. I am still right on track, having gained just 26 pounds. Ideally it's more than I'd have liked, but starting underweight makes it more enjoyable to gain I suppose.

*I satisfied my craving for Vanilla Pepsi at Dairy Queen.
It wasn't all it was cracked up to be in my mind.

*Other than my tailbone hurting, I feel great overall. I had a bad night last night, but went to bed early which I was so thankful for (thanks babe.)

*I am scheduling a 4-D sonogram for the middle of May. We had them done with both redheads so I'm anxious to see Mabel as well! We can take quite a few people with us, so I know our families will look forward to it too!

About 3 months to go!
Can't believe how time flies when you're growing a beautiful babe.
[There is nothing I love more.]


Ashleigh said...

You look absolutely stunning in that last picture. I swear I was just reading about you during week 12!

Meagann said...

Little miss is going to be here before we know it!! :) you look beautiful, hun!

andrealeighshannon said...

You look great Ramee! This is the way I remember you most!! WIsh I could see you this time around. Love ya!

Tiffany said...

You wear pregnancy so beautifully - really. I always looked like a house! HA! I am praying for some relief with your back. Email me soon, so I can know how else to pray!!